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A websocket implementation in elisp, for emacs.
Emacs Lisp Python
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This is a elisp library for websocket clients to talk to websocket servers, and for websocket servers to accept connections from websocket clients. This library is designed to be used by other library writers, to write apps that use websockets, and is not useful by itself.

An example of how to use the library is in the websocket-functional-test.el file.

This library is compatible with emacs 23 and 24, although only emacs 24 support secure websockets.

Version release checklist

Each version that is released should be checked with this checklist:

  • [ ] All ert test passing
  • [ ] Functional test passing on emacs 23 and 24
  • [ ] websocket.el byte compiling cleanly, except for these exceptions:
    • set-process-filter-multibyte is obsolete, yet I cannot find any other way of ensuring my filter has multibyte disabled.

Existing clients:

If you are using this module for your own emacs package, please let me know by editing this file, adding your project, and sending a pull request to this repository.

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