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New release process

Here's how to add a new IronPython release to the website:

  1. Add a new announcement to python/index.rst, as well as python/announcements/index.rst. For example

July 16, 2010

IronPython 2.7 Alpha 1 was released, supporting Python 2.7 features and now being licensed under the Apache License (Version 2).

  1. If this is a new stable version, update the language_info entry for IronPython in
  2. If this is a Alpha or Beta release, update the "Latest Release" section of python/download/index.rst. Make sure the links at the bottom of the file are correct.
  3. Update python/tools/download/index.html with the new release location, if IronPython tools is included in this release. Also add a new entry to python/tools/download/versions.html.