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<title>2009 Lang.NET Symposium - Overview</title>
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Lang.NET is a forum for discussion of programming languages, managed execution environments, compilers,
multi-language libraries, and integrated development environments. It provides an excellent opportunity
for programming language implementers and researchers from both industry and academia to meet and share
their knowledge, experience, and suggestions for future research and development in the area of programming
Lang.NET 2009 will be held from April 14-16 on the
<a href="" target="_blank">Microsoft corporate campus in Redmond</a>.
The conference program will focus on the pragmatics and experience of designing languages, implementing compilers, and building
language tools that target either native or managed execution platforms, such as the DLR, .NET CLR and other implementations
of the <a href="" target="_blank">ECMA CLI</a>. That is,
on how to get real programming tools into the hands of real programmers to solve real problems, and on how researchers and
practitioners can learn from each other to make this happen.
If you are a language designer, compiler writer, or tool builder in industry or academia, Lang.NET 2009 is a unique opportunity
to directly interact with the architects of Microsoft language platforms. Microsoft language technologist will be very active
participants in the conference but at least 50% of the program is reserved for presentations by non-Microsoft employees.
In the evenings there will be ample opportunity for networking during the social events and dinners.
Additionally, this year the Lang.NET Symposium will be followed directly by the
<a href="" target="_blank">Domain Specific Language Developers Conference</a>,
hosted by Chris Sells of Microsoft’s Connected Systems Division. The DSL DevCon will be focused on practical and applied uses of
DSLs and will be taking place in exactly the same building as the Lang.NET Symposium. Attendance for the DSLD DevCon is free,
but you must register in order to attend. Please visit
<a href="" target="_blank"></a> for more information.
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