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A Storj backed IPFS node
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An IPFS gateway with a storj implementation backend

Usage of shell script under ./shell

Assume golang (>=1.11) has been setup.

Before do following experiement, backup your local ipfs env.

First, you should run ./shell/

After that, you should start up storj test network on a new termial by using command storj-sim network run

Now ./shell/ can be run to setup ipfs-s3c-storj-plugin env.

If all successfully, You should switch to ~/src/ and use new built ipfs command. Now you can try ./ipfs add, ./ipfs cat, ./ipfs ls, ./ipfs get etc.

I have recorded two tty sessiones under ./record directory To replay these two records, you should install ttyrec, in unbuntu, run following command

sudo apt-get install ttyrec

Now ttyplay ./record/storjInstallRec can replay the storj setup process, during replay, ctrl+'f' can be used to increase playback speed.

ttyplay ./record/ipfs-s3c-storj-pluginInstallRec can replay the ipfs-s3c-storj plugin setup and some ipfs command test process.

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