Trying to solve the APIbunny quest.
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Trying to solve the APIbunny quest.

npm install
node index.js

Current result

[0,0,taTKQ3Kn4KNnmwVI,start] The Giant Hallway
[0,1,XjVE3BtLvP8wYskv,cell] On top of the loft rafters
[0,2,HoLK1nt9pPb8igUj,cell] Swinging from the pull up bar
[0,3,Bb0vaFghHSku0UFH,cell] Tucked in the underwear draw
[0,4,sgbQcFRZLfmg7Ktc,cell] Tied up in the shower curtain
[1,0,9lC0alKFQFwn5MfD,cell] Jammed down the back of the sofa
[1,1,NK34R8ytwzBPNPoU,cell] Under the children’s bed
[1,2,r0a1vBQFZNJktKeL,cell] Squashed between the dresser and the bed
[1,3,ZDJKdsD0j8iQakqe,cell] Sewn into the seat of the armchair
[1,4,UH6vgxAdoj5GhCPM,cell] Inside the ballroom chandelier
[2,0,GpwX8rTJSM0FYiho,cell] Tucked behind the bathroom mirror
[2,1,aTMjwRk4nTJpyY2W,cell] Hidden in the mailbox
[2,2,n3b2VwxyABpsXEOg,cell] Locked in the iron safe
[2,3,pTdbKfQQvdGT6Xp6,cell] Inside the rock band guitar
[2,4,NnA9WHQzvYlfkHho,cell] Next to rover the the family dog
[3,0,e36QFLXzUwEtHQfa,cell] Inside the giant flowerpot
[3,1,uxWbaGp0YB4MCtId,cell] Under the garden bench
[3,2,7qLLUfSJlse8aCPD,cell] Nestled between lemons on the table top
[3,3,jfI071dfseg8JaiS,cell] Floating in the goldfish bowl
[3,4,4ETdL96xB0wc5IUA,cell] Buried in the prize rose patch
[4,0,I5pfUTShevzutcVU,cell] Next to the fire poker
[4,1,6BhWHEXvERlDaUDD,cell] Den of Forks
[4,2,JuqhWsdzst0zPHXg,cell] Hanging from the artist’s easel
[4,3,rPDrjhE0vmre3Tb7,cell] Preserved in the pickle jar
[4,4,bD0hdazAfQztfVWo,exit] Leaning out of the Bathroom Window