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The commits in this repo go step by step through the process of building a polished space shooter game with the Phaser.js HTML5 game framework.


You can follow through a written tutorial of this game with more commentary at on my blog.


Very brief introduction to game dev concepts

Games are all about interactivity. A game is an experience that unfolds over time through a collaboration between the game creator(s) and the player.

3 facets to game design

  1. Production values - graphics, sounds, special effects, polish
  2. Content - story, theme, concept, characters, artwork
  3. Gameplay - mechanics, challenge, pacing, fun, controls, "feel"

4 basic parts of game dev

  1. Game loop - means to change and display state over time (usually for animation (at 60fps) but could be turn based)
  2. Input - get input from the player (otherwise it is a simulation, not a game)
  3. Update - change the game state based on internal logic and values and responding to player input
  4. Render - redraw the visual representation of the game state at that time



Game assets:

Additional topics not covered

  • Best practices for more maintainable code and smaller files
    • Modular development (commonJS, etc)
    • Custom classes inheriting from phaser classes
    • Build tools (browserify, gulp, etc)
    • yoaman for scaffolding
  • Scaling modes
  • Optimization / profiling / debugging / testing
  • Mobile
  • Wrapping for native (CocoonJS, Cordova/PhoneGap)
  • Communicating with server / multiplayer
  • Tilemaps and other game types
  • Marketing / distribution / monetization / 3rd party APIs