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Getting Started

Manage dotfiles with homeshick and myrepos.

brew install homeshick
brew install myrepos

After they're installed

homeshick clone jschoolcraft/myrepos
homeshick link myrepos
mr update

That should have pulled down the various dotfiles, at this point there's a dance that needs to be done to get everything sorted.

homeshick link dotfiles

Probably open a new terminal to get updated configs, probably see an error about .zprezto stuff, so:

homeshick cd dotfiles

if that didn't work:

cd .homeshick/repos/dotfiles


git submodule sync --recursive

Finally want to make sure to use zsh

chpass -s /bin/zsh `whoami`

Home Brewing

Install homebrew:

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Then install all the things:

brew bundle --global

If that didn't work then:

brew tap Homebrew/bundle

Rest of the dotfiles

vim +PlugInstall +Qall
nvim +PlugInstall +Qall

Vim / Neovim

If there's an error about Ultisnips or something else requiring python then do:

pip3 install neovim
pip2 install neovim

Only use the one that's installed pip3 or pip2)

Iterm Colors

Live in ~/.iterm-colors, inside iTerm2 preferences "import colors"

OS X Things


Might have to make it chmod +x