Integrates mongodb into django's admin
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django mongoadmin

This a drop in replacement for the django admin that works with monodb. It uses the django admin stuff wherever possible and can be used together with normal django models and a SQL database.

Note: The master branch requires Django 1.6. For older Django versions you can use the pre-django-1.6 branch.



Add mongoadmin to INSTALLED_APPS settings


Add mongoadmin to

from django.contrib import admin

from mongoadmin import site

urlpatterns = patterns('',
   	# Uncomment the next line to enable the admin:
   	url(r'^admin/', include(site.urls)),

The for your app needs to use mongoadmin instead of django's admin:

from mongoadmin import site, DocumentAdmin

from app.models import AppDocument
class AppDocumentAdmin(DocumentAdmin):
site.register(AppDocument, AppDocumentAdmin)

Now the document should appear as usual in django's admin.

Using third party apps with mongoadmin

To use third party apps (i.e. apps that register their admin classes in with mongoadmin you have to add MONGOADMIN_OVERRIDE_ADMIN = True to your settings file. This overrides the django admin site with mongoadmin's admin site.

What works and doesn't work

django-mongoadmin currently only supports the most basic things and even they are not really tested.

You probably won't be able to use all of the nice stuff Django provides for relations. The problem is that Django bi-directional relations with a lot of magic, while mongoengine has a uni-directional ReferenceField. So in order to make relations really work one would either have to inject so much code into the documents and querysets that they become clones of Django's stuff or rewrite huge parts of the admin. If you feel that either approach is worth it, go for it and submit a pull request. Otherwise feel free to submit an issue but don't get your hopes up for a fix.