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GigMappr lets you explore upcoming concerts in your city, and add new gigs for others to explore. Rails repo found here:
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GigMappr is an Angular on Rails Application that allows users to search and explore upcoming concerts occurring in their city.


All planning and wireframing was done on Friday. Please see photos included in planning folder. Tools used for planning: whiteboard, Trello. The team created a list of desired features to implement, and sorted them by priority allowing us to make incremental progress and add new features once we completed the MVP.

Unsolved Issues

Add to Calendar button on concert show pages Google Places

Setup instructions

Api is run through Ruby on Rails app. The Angular app is hosted on Bitballon here:, as gh-pages does not support node modules. The API is in a Rails app that is deployed on Heroku here:


BandsInTown API used to seed database with 1000 unique concerts sorted by soonest date. We chose to pre-seed the database with API data so that users would be allowed to submit new events. Google Maps API to render maps with venue locations Rails version 5.0 Two factories: Concert and Comment $state, $stateParams, $scope, $location

Ruby on Rails gems

  • httparty - used to convert API data from its url
  • figaro - used to conceal API key information
  • rack-cors - used to allow for cross-origin-resource-sharing between the rails and angular portions of the application
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