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DC Brew Circuit is a Ruby on Rails app that lets users explore beers offered by breweries in the DMV area and add different breweries to their unique brewery tour route.
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Technologies Used

Ruby on Rails, active record for PostgreSQL, Heroku for deployment, polymorphic associations, stack overflow and a lot of iced coffee.


  • Pry: for debugging
  • Deivise: I used this to develop the User sign up, login, and authentication.
  • Geocoder: this takes an address and assigns the coordinates to latitude and longitude variables on every Brewery.

Approach Taken

I started small, once I had the beer and brewery models up and running, I implemented crud functionality on the Beer model allowing users to add new beers. Next, I added reviews for beers; and this model also allowed for CRUD. Before using the Devise gem, I had created user and session models to begin setting permissions, which initially were only determined based on whether a user was logged in or not. Using Devise, I was able to specify permissions based on whether or not a user 'owned' certain content. Using current_user permissions, I implemented the favoriting and add-to-route functionalities fairly smoothly. Next, I used the Geocoder gem to pull coordinates for each Brewery's address. On each Brewery's show page, there is now a static Google Map with a marker for the Brewery's location.

Unsolved Problems

  1. I couldn't figure out how to use Javascript to create a dynamic Google map on the Route page so that a user could see all of his/her favorite breweries plotted on a map.
  2. I couldn't figure out how to include the Untappd AP (but I did receive a private key, so will be able to use it in the future!!)
  3. Speaking of keys, my Google maps API key is in one of the files that I've committed to Github. Where do I put it so that it can be referenced, but won't appear on GitHub??

Future Improvements

Besides the two

  1. Each user's 'route' page would include a dynamic Google map with markers for every brewery that the user had added to his/her route. I got a little closer to this goal by implementing the geocoder gem to create coordinates for all of the Breweries.
  2. Untappd API to include reviews and other beer/brewery information from users across the internet.
  3. I need to improve user experience, specifically with regard to adding breweries to a route and favoriting beers.
  4. Main Page will have stream of most recent comments made on beers on the site.
  5. Using cancancan gem I'll implement a 'brewmaster' permission that will allow admin users (Brewmasters) to add breweries and edit the breweries that they add.
  6. Each Brewery will have its twitter feed on its show page.

Bronze, Silver, Gold Products


  • Brewery Model with multiple Breweries
  • Beer Model
  • User can post reviews on beers
  • Users can login
  • Users can favorite beers, but only if logged in


  • Favorites are specific to the user, not a function of whether or not someone is logged in
  • Each user can view all of his/her favorited beers on a Favorites pages
  • User can add a brewery to his/her 'route'
  • Each user can view his 'route' an a user-specific 'route' page.
  • A 'quote' model so that the footer can include a random beer-related quote on every page load.
  • Each Brewery show page has it's twitter feed
  • Each Brewery show page has a small map with brewery location.


  • The breweries added to a user's route page show up as markers on a google map
  • Implement cancan gem allowing for members and brewmasters.
  • Brewmasters can edit breweries' information. Untappd API to include reviews of each
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