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  • Even on errors, populate form and results
  • Switch back to pageheader instead of title, so browser history has titles when AJAX loading page headers
  • Better error handling with new SteamProfile caching
  • Better way to detect shared achievements (all ahead of time)
  • List shared achievements tally in header
  • Links (via CSS selectors) to show shared or non shared achievements only


  • CSS color on private profile not working
  • Dropdowns don't load on about page because JS files are included twice
  • Add right padding to main content column
  • Can't go forward after you've gone back
  • undefined method nickname error (go to and select recurve7) Problem with square brackets?
  • Cached data doesn't return fact that user doesn't own the game.


  • noscript tags for when JavaScript is disabled.
  • Put Steam profile pic in sidebar above friends list
  • Check for no unlocked achievements
  • Add achievement images
  • Do I have this achievement?, when looking at someone else's list
  • Non game specific users base page (just the sidebar and then what? Recent achievements across all games?)


  • Checkboxes for 'Tweet new achievements' and 'Get daily summary email'
  • Format flash messages better (as drop downs and triggered from layout)
  • Show completion percentage (bar?)
  • Tweet new achievements (associate Twitter account)
  • Find out which of your friends has the most achievements
  • Email summary of new achievements (including friends?)
  • Compare achievements to a friend
  • Icon to indicate if you've unlocked an achievement when you're looking at other people's
  • Sidebar blog widget (with caching)
  • Class based drop down (for TF2 only?)
  • Weekly email also tells you what new Steam games your friends have been playing


Global achievement unlock percentages for all achievements per game (uses achievement API name)

Last time played (among other things)