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Thank you for taking the time to contribute!

How do I add a package?

Please open an issue and simply specify the NPM package name.

How do I provide feedback, report a bug or make a feature request?

Simply open an issue in this repository. If you want to open a pull request, please submit it to the client or server repositories instead.

Where can I get the code that powers the website?

The client source is available here and the server here. The code that powered the old website is available in this branch.

FAQ about submitting packages

What if the package is private / not published on the NPM registry?

We currently rely on the NPM registry to list packages. But please open an issue anyway. We'll tag it accordingly and keep track of it.

What if the package's source is not hosted on GitHub?

We currently rely on GitHub to retrieve an updated README and stars. But please open an issue anyway and if another git hosting service is frequently asked, we'll consider supporting it.

What if the package.json file doesn't include a link to GitHub?

If this is your own package, please consider filling the repository field of your package.json file. You can read more information on this page. If this is not your package, please include a GitHub link in the issue.

What if the package doesn't fit in any of the existing collections?

If this package is not about React, Babel or any of the other available collections, please open an issue anyway. We'll tag it accordingly so we can check it if we decide to expand the catalog.

Other recommended actions besides creating the issue

If the package is a PostCSS plugin

Consider also opening a PR here:
This community project defines a set of categories that we also use in this catalog.

If the package is compatible with React Native

Consider also opening a PR here:
We're adding the "works without detaching an Expo application" flag to this catalog.