Generate a GraphQL schema for any PostgreSQL database using the database schema information
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Use a PostgreSQL database schema information to generate a GraphQL schema.

This is a work-in-progress project. It requires a super recent version of Node.js and using it in production is not recommended.

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Getting Started

An overview of GraphQL in general is available in the README for the Specification for GraphQL.

Using Graphfront

Install Graphfront from npm

npm install --save graphfront

Graphfront provides two important capabilities: generating a GraphQL schema, and exposing an HTTP handler to server requests for that schema.

First, generate a GraphQL schema based on a database schema.

import { generator } from 'graphfront';

const { getSchema } = generator(dbPool, apiKeyValidator);

This defines a function that can be invoked to generate a schema.

Or you can use request handler that automatically generates the schema

const graphfront = require('graphfront');

const graphfrontHTTP = graphfront({
  apiKeyValidator: (apiKey) => apiKey === 'SuperSecretKey'

app.use('/my-api', graphfrontHTTP);


We actively welcome pull requests, learn how to contribute.


Changes are tracked as Github releases.


Graphfront is released under the MIT license.