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@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@
<li id='speakersMenu'><a href="/speakers.html"><i class='fa fa-microphone'></i> Speakers</a></li>
<li id='venueMenu'><a href="/venue.html"><i class='fa fa-globe'></i> Venue</a></li>
<li id='sponsorsMenu'><a href="/sponsors.html"><i class='fa fa-rocket'></i> Sponsors</a></li>
- <li id='sponsorsMenu'><a href="" target="_blank"><i class='fa fa-heart'></i> Conduct</a></li>
+ <li id='sponsorsMenu'><a href="" target="_blank"><i class='fa fa-users'></i> Conduct</a></li>
<li id='aboutMenu'><a href="/about.html"><i class='fa fa-heart'></i> About</a></li>

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