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JSConf Japan Website



Continuous integration

We use CircleCI as continuous integration(CI) service for this project. If you want to write access to CircleCI, you need to have write privilege on this GitHub repo. The build configuration file is located in .circleci/config.yml.

Create a new website for next year

Assuming you create a 2020 website,

  1. Create a directory named 2020 as in 2019
    We used Gatsby as a static site generator to create a 2019 website, but we don't need to continue to using Gatsby after next year. Use some tools that are easy to use and timely. If you continue to use Gatsby, please refer 2019/README to learn project structure.
  2. Change the redirect destination of public/index.html to the new website url
  3. Add build step to place build artifacts in dist/2020 like as 2019's build process
    If you place a build artifacts in dist/2020, it will be automatically deployed to
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