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ESP8266 http io server.

Version 0.0001 - Alpha

Goal in life:
  Exposes basic wiring functions: pinMode, digitalRead, digitalWrite,
  analogRead and analogWrite via a http server. Kind of Rest like, but NOT
  fully Restful. The returned data is in json format.

Written By - Scott Beasley 2016.
Public domain. Free to use or change. Enjoy :)

To use: Load the sketch 'esp8266_http_io.ino' to your esp board with the Arduino
IDE and ESP8266 board addition. Open the serial monitor in the IDE and get the
IP returned, then add that to the DEVICE_URL in the example you run from on of
the examples included.

   - Add some form of security (thinking stages now)
   - Add servo calls to example
   - Add mDNS query to example
   - Add Servo and pwm support to the lua code.
   - May add Board type set/query to copy with pin assignments.

   - NodeMCU Lua version of the io server. Only does pinMode, digitalRead,
     digitalWrite and analogRead for now. Again, alpha code. You will have to
     edit the examples and add the IP given to test it.
      - Added a common GPIO number system between the Ardiono C++ side and
        NodeMcu lua side. The lua server uses the Arduino pin numbers now. The
        LED pin on the mcu board is now pin 16. Other pins follow suit with the
        Arduino numbers.
      - Added Tcl Blink example