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JS CraftCamp - Website

This project contains the website and all the setup for the deployment.


Getting started to develop on the website follow those steps

  • set up your development environment, see below
  • run npm i to install all dependencies
  • run npm start which will run the local webserver at localhost:9000, for developing
  • run npm test to run the tests
  • run npm run build to generate all static files and to concatenate all participants files into the dist directory (in production this will be done by travis)

Development setup

We offer two ways to install this project, you choose the one you like:

Global nodejs version

If you want to use your (global) nodejs setup, find out which version we require in the [./.travis.yml].

Setup via nix

If you don't want to rely on a global nodejs version, but want a reproducible environment, you can use nix as described here.

  1. Make sure to have nix installed (see and then
  2. cd <project-dir>
  3. run nix-shell and you should have the environment up and running
  4. install all node modules using npm install
  5. prove that it works, npm test
  6. now you have a shell with a deterministic environment (incl. the right nodejs version)