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validateIndentation and multiple concatenated strings #247

kangax opened this Issue · 6 comments

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validateIndentation works great for our entire codebase except for cases like this:

if (this.type === 'linear') {
  markup = [
    '<linearGradient ',
      '" gradientUnits="', this.gradientUnits,
      '" x1="', coords.x1,
      '" y1="', coords.y1,
      '" x2="', coords.x2,
      '" y2="', coords.y2,

I find this kind of arrangement reasonable; and it reads well. Is there anything we can do to make it play nice with JSCS? What would you suggest?

@kangax kangax referenced this issue in kangax/html-minifier

Enable JSHint's `quotmark` rule. #126


This is pretty similar to the rules for "Chained Method Calls" in the jQuery style guide, for example:

    .addClass( "foo" )
        .html( "hello" )
    .appendTo( "body" );

Afaik its somewhat @mikesherov was working on.


See also #204


Sorry, this is not something we intend on fixing, as it's literally indistinguishable from an error, unless you can suggest something @kangax ? Closing this for now until further discussion.

@mikesherov mikesherov closed this

I can't think of anything else except ignoring entire block. Does JSCS have something like /* jshint ignore:start */ and /* jshint ignore:end */?


@kangax it's on the roadmap. I'll try and prioritize that one because more than a few are asking for this, and it's pretty standard functionality.


@mikesherov thanks!

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