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Version 1.12.0


Ladies and Gentlemen... Elvis is in the building - auto-fixing is finally here (available through -x option)! We were working really hard to make this powerful new feature, and to make it right. We're hoping it will truly help make your code look good.

Auto-fixing supports the EOF rule and all rules related to spacing, including validateIndentation which is the most complicated rule we have (big thanks to @mikesherov for making that happen).

Although this chunk of rules covers most of the popular use-cases, we're determine to add more rules to this list, please help us out and report any bugs or consider contributing with some code - We're really friendly to every new contributor.

Apart from auto-fixing, there are six new rules – fresh out of the oven. Special thanks goes to @lahmatiy, who had the patience and perseverance to implement requireSemicolons.

Because of tireless efforts of @hzoo, we're adding two new presets in this release - node-style-guide and wordpress. They have pretty consistent style guides... try it out; They are a breeze to work with.

We're very grateful to everyone who helped out with this release, especially to @TheSavior who helped review the pull requests and shape out our API.

Preset updates

  • Preset: remove "requireMultipleVarDecl" rule from jquery preset (Oleg Gaidarenko)
  • Preset: wordpress (Henry Zhu)
  • Preset: Add "requireSemicolons" rule to the Yandex preset (ikokostya)
  • Preset: Add validate indentation rule for Yandex (Gunnar Lium)
  • Preset: node-style-guide (Henry Zhu)
  • Preset: update airbnb preset (Eli White)
  • Preset: require blank line before all line comments for jQuery preset (Eli White)
  • Preset: Add "requireSpaceBeforeObjectValues" to crockford test (Jackson Ray Hamilton)


  • validateIndentation: autofixing! (Mike Sherov)
  • TokenAssert: only fix lines when comments do not exist between tokens (Mike Sherov)
  • disallowMultipleLineString: do not yet allow autofixing, which is a non-whitespace change (Mike Sherov)
  • disallowSemicolons: do not yet allow autofixing, which is a non-whitespace change (Mike Sherov)
  • Autofixing: add more rules to use assertion framework (Henry Zhu)
  • Autofixing: make most rules use assertion framework when possible (Eli White)
  • Autofixing: initial implementation (mdevils)
  • Autofixing: token data (mdevils)

New rules

  • New Rule: requireSemicolons (Roman Dvornov)
  • New Rule: disallow-multiple-spaces (Todd Wolfson)
  • New Rule: disallowIdentifierNames (alawatthe)
  • New Rule: requirePaddingNewLineAfterVariableDeclaration (Evan Jacobs)
  • New Rule: requireDollarBeforejQueryAssignment (Eli White)
  • New Rules: (disallow/require)PaddingNewLinesBeforeLineComments (Eli White)

Rule Values

  • requireCapitalizedComments: Add allExcept option (Ash Clarke)


  • Auto-Configuration: show error count when handling violated rules (fubu)
  • Auto-Configuration: show number of violated rules (fubu)


  • CLI: simplify and increase coverage of "cli-config" module (Oleg Gaidarenko)
  • CLI: increase coverage of the "cli" module (Oleg Gaidarenko)

Bug fixes

  • (require|disallow)spacesIn*: add more invalid examples and fixes for rules (Henry Zhu)
  • disallowSpacesInsideArrayBrackets: fix error messages (Henry Zhu)
  • requireSpacesInsideArrayBrackets: comments should be also taken into account (gero3)
  • disallowSpaceBeforeBinaryOperators: comments are allowed (gero3)
  • requireLineBreakAfterVariableAssignment: allow exception for init part of for loop (Henry Zhu)
  • (require|disallow)SpacesInsideArrayBrackets: use includeComments in token (Henry Zhu)
  • disallowAnonymousFunctions: remove errant "s" from error message (James Chin)
  • disallowDanglingUnderscores: Corrected rule name in assert message (Oswald Maskens)
  • Parsing: Extend estraverse rules to support both XJS and JSX (Henry Zhu)
  • (disallow/require)PaddingNewLinesAfterBlocks: Ignoring the end of files (Eli White)
  • requirePaddingNewLinesBeforeLineComments: Allow consecutive comments and firstAfterCurly exception (Eli White)


  • disallowSpacesInsideParentheses: fix es6 template literal token issues (Mike Sherov)
  • RequireAlignedObjectValues: use assertions (Mike Sherov)
  • DisallowMultipleLineBreaks: use assertions (Mike Sherov)
  • Tests: Move to spec folder (Joel Kemp)
  • Tests: Adding some more fix tests (Eli White)
  • Tests: move specs into a subdir so that tests, fixtures, and utilities aren't intermingled (Mike Sherov)
  • Misc: update dependencies (Oleg Gaidarenko)
  • JsFile: Make getTokens include comments (Eli White)
  • Assertions: Add fixing tests to several rules (Eli White)
  • Assertions: add tests for linesBetween (Mike Sherov)
  • Assertions: Make sure newlines get fixed (gero3)
  • TokenAssert: remove newline fixing logic duplication to prepare for further fixes (Mike Sherov)
  • TokenAssert: simplify and strengthen linesBetween rules (Mike Sherov)
  • Token Assert: normalize whiteSpace assertions to match line assertions (Mike Sherov)
  • requireLineFeedAtFileEnd: make use of assert (gero3)
  • Don't trim whitespace in markdown-files (Simen Bekkhus)
  • Cleanup: use this.getOptionName() for consistency, options variable (Henry Zhu)
  • Cleanup: use iterateTokensByTypeAndValue where appropriate (Mike Sherov)
  • Cleanup: remove archaic functions from JsFile (Mike Sherov)
  • Cleanup: remove usage of getComment(After|Before)Token (Mike Sherov)
  • Cleanup: remove redundant boolean check, use consistent error messages (Henry Zhu)
  • Cleanup: use iterateTokensByTypeAndValue and this.getOptionName() (Henry Zhu)
  • requireSpaceAfterKeywords: use token assert (Henry Zhu)
  • JsFile::getFirstTokenOnLine implementation (for indentation rules) (mdevils)
  • Replaces the 'colors' and 'supports-colors' packages with 'chalk'. (Joshua Appelman)
  • Fix various doc typos (Jérémie Astori)
  • requirePaddingNewLinesAfterBlockDeclarations / disallowPaddingNewLinesAfterBlockDeclarations Adding an option to specify lines for errors.assert.differentLine (Eli White)
  • JsFile: add getLineBreaks function to support future whitespace fixes (Mike Sherov)
  • Appveyor: freeze node version to 0.12.x (Alexej Yaroshevich)
  • requireCapitalizedComments: automatically except jscs comments (James Reggio)


  • Docs: Change "Values" and "Types" to grammatically correct forms (Shmavon Gazanchyan)
  • Docs: add reporter (sanemat)
  • Docs: less.js uses jscs (Bass Jobsen)
  • Docs: added Goodvidio to the list of adopters (Adonis K)
  • Fix types and descriptions in documentation (Shmavon Gazanchyan)