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  1. react-chatview

    Infinite scroll chat or feed component for React.js

    JavaScript 194 41

  2. gitCodeShare.com

    Contributhon 2018 - gitCodeShare.com (a.k.a gitShare)

    TypeScript 65 19

  3. axui-datagrid

    :octocat: DataGrid, DataSheet for React

    TypeScript 63 18

  4. Dumbledore

    Forked from BenC14/Dumbledore

    A Slack Bot called Dumbledore that lets your team join houses and award house points.

    JavaScript 41 29

  5. react-multi-email

    :octocat: A simple react component to format multiple email as the user types.

    TypeScript 26 7

  6. axui-contextmenu

    :octocat: A simple react contextmenu component

    TypeScript 4

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