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this is a demake of untitled goose game for the nintendo 64

screenshot of the goose in the lake in the game running on the mupen64plus emulator

get it

download the most recent N64 ROM build here

run it with your favorite emulator or flashcart

build for emulator/console

install the n64 sdk

windows instructions:

macOS/linux instructions:

on linux you'll need to use wine to run the n64 compiler, on macOS you'll need to use crossover (a commercial version of wine)

install the n64 sdk into the root of the C: drive (or wine C: drive) so you have eg.



building the game

all commands should be run in the src directory of this repo

to build the rom, in the wine/crossover command prompt (e.g. cmd.exe) run:


this produces the rom file goose64.n64 which you can then run with your favorite emulator or flashcart

to subsequently rebuild after making any changes to the code you'll first need to delete any .o object files (we're using an ancient version of make which doesn't do that for you). on linux you can use ./ to do this. an example for macOS/crossover can be found in

environment variables which affect the build:

  • OPTIMIZE=1: enable gcc optimization and use non-debug versions of sdk libraries
  • ED64=1: build with everdrive64 logging support (see ed64log). don't use unless running on an everdrive64

you can also create a file called localdefs.makefile containing any variables to override in the build, and it will be automatically included by the makefile.

build for macOS native executable

this repo also includes an opengl based version of the game, which runs on macOS

install dependencies:

# eg. using homebrew on macOS
brew install glm

then open the goose64glut project with xcode, build and run

regenerate n64 header files from the OBJ models

if you update .obj model files:

first make sure you have lua installed

# eg. using homebrew on macOS
brew install lua

then, to rebuild model header files


regenerate n64 header files for sprites

if you update any texture files:

make sure you have python and pillow installed

pip install pillow

then, to rebuild sprites


export map object data

  • open blender (or use ./ to see console output)
  • in the blender text editor editor, open and run then open and run
  • see header files are created


untitled goose game demake for nintendo 64







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