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on windows, use --nocolor option while running tests

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hegemonic committed Oct 7, 2012
1 parent c1c15e8 commit 8bc335415495b6b7188df6291b8d90785e98ee2d
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@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ IF [%1]==[--debug] (
IF [%1]==[-T] (
ECHO Running Tests
- java -classpath "%_BASEPATH%/lib/js.jar" %CMD% -opt -1 -modules "%_URLPATH%/nodejs_modules" -modules "%_URLPATH%/rhino_modules" -modules "%_URLPATH%" "%_BASEPATH%/jsdoc.js" %ARGS% --dirname="%_BASEPATH%/
+ java -classpath "%_BASEPATH%/lib/js.jar" %CMD% -opt -1 -modules "%_URLPATH%/nodejs_modules" -modules "%_URLPATH%/rhino_modules" -modules "%_URLPATH%" "%_BASEPATH%/jsdoc.js" %ARGS% --nocolor --dirname="%_BASEPATH%/
) ELSE (
REM normal mode should be quiet
java -classpath "%_BASEPATH%/lib/js.jar" %CMD% -modules "%_URLPATH%/nodejs_modules" -modules "%_URLPATH%/rhino_modules" -modules "%_URLPATH%" "%_BASEPATH%/jsdoc.js" %ARGS% --dirname="%_BASEPATH%/

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