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@@ -17,17 +17,20 @@ Download a copy of JSDoc 3 from the official Git Hub repository here:
To test that jsdoc is working, change your working directory to the jsdoc folder
-and run the following command:
+and run the following command on Windows:
- java -cp lib/js.jar \
- -modules node_modules -modules rhino_modules -modules . \
- jsdoc.js -T
-If you are operating on a Mac OSX or *nix platform, you can shorten that command
-to this:
+ jsdoc -T
+... or on a Max OSX or *nix platform:
./jsdoc -T
+If you can't get the short-form commands to work, try invoking Java directly:
+ java -cp lib/js.jar \
+ -modules node_modules -modules rhino_modules -modules . \
+ jsdoc.js -T
@@ -38,7 +41,7 @@ directory:
For help regarding the supported commandline options use the --help option.
- ./jsdoc --help
+ ./jsdoc --help
Generated documentation will appear in the folder specified by the --destination
option, or in a folder named "out" by default.
@@ -0,0 +1,23 @@
+REM jsdoc.js expects Unix-style paths without a trailing slash
+REM for whatever reason, Rhino requires module paths to be valid URIs
+java -classpath "%_BASEPATH%/lib/js.jar" -modules "%_URLPATH%/node_modules" -modules "%_URLPATH%/rhino_modules" -modules "%_URLPATH%" "%_BASEPATH%/jsdoc.js" %* --dirname="%_BASEPATH%/
+REM java -classpath "%_BASEPATH%/lib/js.jar" -debug -modules "%_URLPATH%/node_modules/" -modules "%_URLPATH%/rhino_modules/" -modules "%_URLPATH%/" "%_BASEPATH%/jsdoc.js" %* --dirname="%_BASEPATH%/

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