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jsdom Changelog


  • Updated dependencies, notably w3c-xmlserializer, which fixes using DOMParser on XML documents containing emoji.


  • Fixed xhr.abort() to no longer give an exception when the constructed XMLHttpRequest was invalid. (whamtet)
  • Fixed event.getModifierState() on MouseEvent and KeyboardEvent instances to properly consult the ctrlKey, altKey, metaKey, and shiftKey properties of the event. (juzerzarif)
  • Fixed custom element creation to not be affected by any modifications to the window.customElements property. (bicknellr)


  • Improved the performance of appending <option> elements to <select> elements. (TheHound)
  • Fixed location.pathname getter to not crash when the JSDOM instance was created using an opaque-path URL, including the default URL of about:blank.
  • Fixed crypto.getRandomValues() to accept typed array subclasses. (sebamarynissen)
  • Updated various dependency minor versions. Notably, nwsapi fixed some selectors bugs, and tough-cookie fixed some cookie bugs.


  • Node.js v14 is now the minimum supported version
  • Added crypto.getRandomValues(). (sjrd)
  • Added HTMLFormControlsCollection and RadioNodeList, so formEl.elements now behaves correctly. (UndefinedBehavior)
  • Added the signal option to addEventListener(). (cheap-glitch)
  • Fixed the :root pseudoclass to work correctly. (hughs-ch)
  • Updated parse5, bringing along some HTML parsing and serialization fixes. (fb55)


  • Changed jsdom.nodeLocation() to return undefined when used on nodes that originate via fragment parsing (e.g., via innerHTML). Previously it would return based on the node location of the fragment string, which made node locations unreliable with respect to the original document source. This restores the behavior that was present in v14.0.0, and was accidentally broken in v14.1.0. (bakkot)
  • Fixed calling window.close() inside the Window's load event to no longer crash. (MattiasBuelens)


  • Fixed connectedCallback to fire in situations involving document fragments, which was broken in v18.0.1. (GrantGryczan)


  • Fixed headers.append() and headers.set() to normalize values. (MattiasBuelens)
  • Fixed pageshow events to have bubbles: true and cancelable: true. (MattiasBuelens)
  • Implemented the reason property on AbortSignals, along with the corresponding reason argument to abortSignal.abort() and AbortSignal.abort(). (MattiasBuelens)


  • Fixed live Ranges to update correctly after calling node.normalize(). (hgiesel)
  • Fixed live Ranges to update correctly after removing child nodes. (hgiesel)
  • Fixed setting inputEl.valueAsDate = null to no longer throw an exception, but instead set the value to the empty string. (simon-weimann)
  • Improved performance of node insertion and node.contains(). (GrantGryczan)


Potentially-breaking bug fixes:

  • Fixed SSL certificate checking for WebSocket connections. Previously, invalid SSL certificates were always accepted; now, they properly respect the ResourceLoader's strictSSL option (which defaults to true).
  • Changed the global in which almost all Promise and TypeError instances are created to be the jsdom global, not the Node.js global. This could affect any code that uses instanceof.

Other changes:

  • Fixed moving an element between HTML and XML documents to reset the tagName cache, allowing it to return a lowercase value once it's in the XML document. (LucasLefevre)
  • Fixed form submission to not happen when the form is invalid. (pozil)


Breaking change: Node v12 is now the minimum supported version.


  • Added AbortSignal.abort(). (ninevra)
  • Added dummy x and y properties to the return value of getBoundingClientRect(). (eiko)
  • Implemented wrapping for textareaEl.value if the wrap="" attribute is specified. (ninevra)
  • Changed newline normalization in <textarea>s according to recent HTML Standard updates. (ninevra)
  • Fixed some bad cascade computation in getComputedStyle(). (romain-trotard)


  • Added parentNode.replaceChildren(). (ninevra)
  • Fixed jsdom's handling of when code running inside the jsdom throws null or undefined as an exception. (mbest)
  • Removed the dependency on the deprecated request package, in the process fixing several issues with the XMLHttpRequest implementation around header processing. Special thanks to vegardbb for completing this months-long effort!


  • Fixed infinite recursion when using MutationObservers to observe elements inside a MutationObserver callback.


  • Fixed Access-Control-Allow-Headers: * to work with XMLHttpRequest. (silviot)
  • Fixed xhr.response to strip any leading BOM when xhr.responseType is "json".
  • Fixed new Text() and new Comment() constructors to properly set the resulting node's ownerDocument.
  • Fixed customElements.whenDefined() to resolve its returned promise with the custom element constructor, per recent spec updates. (ExE-Boss)
  • Fixed parsing to ensure that <svg><template></template></svg> does not throw an exception, but instead correctly produces a SVG-namespace <template> element.
  • Fixed domParser.parseFromString() to treat <noscript> elements appropriately.
  • Fixed form control validity checking when the control was outside the <form> element and instead associated using the form="" attribute.
  • Fixed legendEl.form to return the correct result based on its parent <fieldset>.
  • Fixed optionEl.text to exclude <script> descendants.
  • Fixed radio buttons and checkboxes to not fire input and change events when disconnected.
  • Fixed inputEl.indeterminate to reset to its previous value when canceling a click event on a checkbox or radio button.
  • Fixed the behavior of event handler attributes (e.g. onclick="...code...") when there were global variables named element or formOwner. (ExE-Boss)
  • On Node.js v14.6.0+ where WeakRefs are available, fixed NodeIterator to no longer stop working when more than ten NodeIterator instances are created, and to use less memory due to inactive NodeIterators sticking around. (ExE-Boss)


  • Fixed a regression that broke customElements.get() in v16.5.0. (fdesforges)
  • Fixed window.event to have a setter which overwrites the window.event property with the given value, per the specification. This fixes an issue where after upgrading to jsdom v16.5.0 you would no longer be able to set a global variable named event in the jsdom context.


  • Added window.queueMicrotask().
  • Added window.event.
  • Added inputEvent.inputType. (diegohaz)
  • Removed ondragexit from Window and friends, per a spec update.
  • Fixed the URL of about:blank iframes. Previously it was getting set to the parent's URL. (SimonMueller)
  • Fixed the loading of subresources from the filesystem when they had non-ASCII filenames.
  • Fixed the hidden="" attribute to cause display: none per the user-agent stylesheet. (ph-fritsche)
  • Fixed the new File() constructor to no longer convert / to :, per a pending spec update.
  • Fixed mutation observer callbacks to be called with the MutationObserver instance as their this value.
  • Fixed <input type=checkbox> and <input type=radio> to be mutable even when disabled, per a spec update.
  • Fixed XMLHttpRequest to not fire a redundant final progress event if a progress event was previously fired with the same loaded value. This would usually occur with small files.
  • Fixed XMLHttpRequest to expose the Content-Length header on cross-origin responses.
  • Fixed xhr.response to return null for failures that occur during the middle of the download.
  • Fixed edge cases around passing callback functions or event handlers. (ExE-Boss)
  • Fixed edge cases around the properties of proxy-like objects such as localStorage or dataset. (ExE-Boss)
  • Fixed a potential memory leak with custom elements (although we could not figure out how to trigger it). (soncodi)


  • Added a not-implemented warning if you try to use the second pseudo-element argument to getComputedStyle(), unless you pass a ::part or ::slotted pseudo-element, in which case we throw an error per the spec. (ExE-Boss)
  • Improved the performance of repeated access to el.tagName, which also indirectly improves performance of selector matching and style computation. (eps1lon)
  • Fixed form.elements to respect the form="" attribute, so that it can contain non-descendant form controls. (ccwebdesign)
  • Fixed el.focus() to do nothing on disconnected elements. (eps1lon)
  • Fixed el.focus() to work on SVG elements. (zjffun)
  • Fixed removing the currently-focused element to move focus to the <body> element. (eps1lon)
  • Fixed imgEl.complete to return true for <img> elements with empty or unset src="" attributes. (strager)
  • Fixed imgEl.complete to return true if an error occurs loading the <img>, when canvas is enabled. (strager)
  • Fixed imgEl.complete to return false if the <img> element's src="" attribute is reset. (strager)
  • Fixed the valueMissing validation check for <input type="radio">. (zjffun)
  • Fixed translate="" and draggable="" attribute processing to use ASCII case-insensitivity, instead of Unicode case-insensitivity. (zjffun)


  • Added firing of focusin and focusout when using el.focus() and el.blur(). (trueadm)
  • Fixed elements with the contenteditable="" attribute to be considered as focusable. (jamieliu386)
  • Fixed window.NodeFilter to be per-Window, instead of shared across all Windows. (ExE-Boss)
  • Fixed edge-case behavior involving use of objects with handleEvent properties as event listeners. (ExE-Boss)
  • Fixed a second failing image load sometimes firing a load event instead of an error event, when the canvas package is installed. (strager)
  • Fixed drawing an empty canvas into another canvas. (zjffun)


  • Updated StyleSheetList for better spec compliance; notably it no longer inherits from Array.prototype. (ExE-Boss)
  • Fixed requestAnimationFrame() from preventing process exit. This likely regressed in v16.1.0.
  • Fixed setTimeout() to no longer leak the closures passed in to it. This likely regressed in v16.1.0. (AviVahl)
  • Fixed infinite recursion that could occur when calling click() on a <label> element, or one of its descendants.
  • Fixed getComputedStyle() to consider inline style="" attributes. (eps1lon)
  • Fixed several issues with <input type="number">'s stepUp() and stepDown() functions to be properly decimal-based, instead of floating point-based.
  • Fixed various issues where updating selectEl.value would not invalidate properties such as selectEl.selectedOptions. (ExE-Boss)
  • Fixed <input>'s src property, and <ins>/<del>'s cite property, to properly reflect as URLs.
  • Fixed window.addEventLister, window.removeEventListener, and window.dispatchEvent to properly be inherited from EventTarget, instead of being distinct functions. (ExE-Boss)
  • Fixed errors that would occur if attempting to use a DOM object, such as a custom element, as an argument to addEventListener.
  • Fixed errors that would occur when closing a window with outstanding requests to data: URLs.
  • Fixed sporadic issues with the value of <input type="month"> that could occur in some time zones and for some times.
  • Fixed document.implementation.createDocument() to return an XMLDocument, instead of a Document. (ExE-Boss)
  • Fixed running jsdom in a browser to detect globals more reliably. (ExE-Boss)


  • Updated saxes, to bring in some BOM-related fixes.
  • Updated Acorn-related packages to squelch npm audit warnings.


  • Added support for custom elements! Congratulations and thanks to @pmdartus for making this happen, after ten months of hard work and lots of effort poured into the complex architectural prerequisites in jsdom and supporting packages.
  • Fixed some issues when trying to use Attr as a Node, e.g. by checking its baseURI property or calling attr.cloneNode().
  • Fixed a memory leak during parsing that was introduced in v14.0.0.
  • Fixed edge cases in number/string conversion used for certain element properties that reflected integer attributes.


  • Added console.timeLog().
  • Changed Attr to extend Node, to align with specifications. (ExE-Boss)
  • Changed <noscript> children to be parsed as nodes, instead of as text, when runScripts is left as the default of undefined. (ACHP)
  • Upgraded cssstyle to v2.1.0, which brings along fixes to handling of rgba() and hsl() colors. (kraynel)
  • Fixed some selection-related issues when manipulating the value of <input>s and <textarea>s. (Matthew-Goldberg)
  • Fixed various issues with setTimeout(), setInterval(), and requestAnimationFrame(), particularly around window closing and recursive calls.


  • Fixed Node v10 and v11 support when runScripts was set.
  • Fixed the behavior when changing an <input>'s type="" attribute.
  • Fixed input validation behavior for <input type="range"> when max="" is less than min="".


For this release we'd like to welcome @pmdartus to the core team. Among other work, he's driven the heroic effort of constructor prototype and reform in jsdom and its dependencies over the last few months, to allow us to move away from shared constructors and prototypes, and set the groundwork for custom elements support (coming soon!).

Breaking changes:

  • Node v10 is now the minimum supported version.
  • The dom.runVMScript() API has been replaced with the more general dom.getInternalVMContext() API.
  • Each jsdom Window now creates new instances of all the web platform globals. That is, our old shared constructor and prototypes caveat is no longer in play.
  • Each jsdom Window now exposes all JavaScript-spec-defined globals uniformly. When runScripts is disabled, it exposes them as aliases of the ones from the outer Node.js environment. Whereas when runScripts is enabled, it exposes fresh copies of each global from the new scripting environment. (Previously, a few typed array classes would always be aliased, and with runScripts disabled, the other classes would not be exposed at all.)

Other changes:

  • Added the AbstractRange, Range, StaticRange, Selection, and window.getSelection() APIs.
  • Added working constructors for Comment, Text, and DocumentFragment.
  • Added valueAsDate, valueAsNumber, stepUp() and stepDown() to <input> elements. (kraynel)
  • Added window.origin.
  • Removed document.origin.
  • Fixed <template> to work correctly inside XML documents.
  • Fixed some bugs which would cause jsdom to choose the wrong character encoding because it was failing to detect <meta charset> or <meta http-equiv="charset"> elements.
  • Fixed input.type to default to "text". (connormeredith)
  • Fixed incorrect validation errors for <input> with fractional values for their step="" attribute. (kontomondo)
  • Fixed incorrect validation errors on readonly <input> elements.
  • Fixed <input type="email" multiple pattern="..."> validation.
  • Fixed fileReader.readAsDataURL() to always base64-encode the result. (ytetsuro)
  • Fixed inserting <img> elements into documents without a browsing context to no longer crash when the canvas package is installed.
  • Fixed a memory leak when using window.setTimeout() or window.setInterval().
  • Improved the performance of getComputedStyle(). (eps1lon)


  • Fixed JSDOM.fromURL() handling of URLs with hashes in them, to no longer send the hash to the server and append an extra copy of it when constructing the Document. (rchl)
  • Fixed focusing an already-focused element to correctly do nothing, instead of firing additional focus events. (eps1lon)
  • Fixed typo in the not-implemented message for mediaElement.addTextTrack(). (mtsmfm)
  • Upgraded nwsapi minimum version to 2.2.0, which fixes issues with ::-webkit- prefixed pseudo-elements and namespaced attribute selectors.


  • Added basic style inheritance in getComputedStyle() for the 'visibility' property. This sets the foundation for further work on inheritance, cascading, and specificity. (eps1lon)
  • Added shadowRoot.activeElement.
  • Added readystatechange events during document loading.
  • Added a stub for form.requestSubmit(), to match our existing stub for form.submit().
  • Changed el.tabIndex's default value, when no tabindex="" attribute was set, to reflect the updated specification.
  • Changed the exception thrown by el.attachShadow() on something that's already a shadow host, to reflect the updated specification.
  • Fixed the validation logic for <input type="range">.
  • Fixed selectEl.value when no <option> is selected to return the empty string, instead of the value of the first option. (tgohn)
  • Fixed various correctness issues with new FormData(formElement). (brendo)
  • Fixed error messages when parsing XML to include the filename, instead of using "undefined". (papandreou)
  • Fixed the logic for reflected properties to not be affected by overwriting of el.getAttributeNS() or el.setAttributeNS().
  • Set canvas as an optional ``peerDependency`, which apparently helps with Yarn PnP support.


  • Moved the nonce property from HTMLScriptElement and HTMLStyleElement to HTMLElement. Note that it is still just a simple reflection of the attribute, and has not been updated for the rest of the changes in whatwg/html#2373.
  • Fixed the style and on<event> properties to properly track their related attributes for SVG elements. (kbruneel)
  • Fixed XMLHttpRequest merging preflight and response headers. (thiagohirata)
  • Fixed XMLHttpRequest reserializing content-type request headers unnecessarily. See whatwg/mimesniff#84 for more details. (thiagohirata)
  • Fixed element.tagName to be the ASCII uppercase of the element's qualified name, instead of the Unicode uppercase.


  • Added the Headers class from the Fetch standard.
  • Added the element.translate getter and setter.
  • Fixed synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the newly-released Node.js v12.
  • Fixed form.elements to exclude <input type="image"> elements.
  • Fixed event path iteration in shadow DOM cases, following spec fixes at whatwg/dom#686 and whatwg/dom#750.
  • Fixed pattern="" form control validation to apply the given regular expression to the whole string. (kontomondo)


Several potentially-breaking changes, each of them fairly unlikely to actually break anything:

  • JSDOM.fromFile() now treats .xht files as application/xhtml+xml, the same as it does for .xhtml and .xml. Previously, it would treat them as text/html.
  • If the JSDOM constructor's contentType option has a charset parameter, and the first argument to the constructor is a binary data type (e.g. Buffer or ArrayBuffer), then the charset will override any sniffed encoding in the same way as a Content-Type header would in browser scenarios. Previously, the charset parameter was ignored.
  • When using the Blob or File constructor with the endings: "native" option, jsdom will now convert line endings to \n on all operating systems, for consistency. Previously, on Windows, it would convert line endings to \r\n.


  • Added activation behavior for <a> and <area> elements whose href="" points to a javascript: URL or fragment.
  • Added the <datalist> element's options property.
  • Added the <input> element's list property.
  • Added PageTransitionEvent, and the firing of pageshow events during loading.
  • Exposed the External class as a property of window.
  • Fixed HTML fragment parsing (via innerHTML and outerHTML) to be spec-compliant. (pmdartus)
  • Fixed HTML serialization (e.g. via innerHTML) breaking after setting certain properties to non-string values.
  • Fixed how disabling an element would cause its activation behavior to forever be null, even if it were re-enabled.
  • Fixed all access to attributes to ignore attributes with namespaces, per the spec.
  • Fixed <style>s to no longer apply to documents without a browsing context. This includes fixing a crash that would occur with such styles if they had an @import rule.
  • Fixed <option>'s label and value properties to return correct values in various edge cases.
  • Fixed the load event during document loading to target the Document, not the Window.
  • Fixed the pretendToBeVisual option to propagate to child subframes, as well as the main Window. (pyrho)
  • Updated the minimum nwsapi version from v2.1.1 to v2.1.3, bringing along a few fixes in our selector engine.


Breaking changes:

  • JSDOM.fragment() now creates fragments whose document has no browsing context, i.e. no associated Window. This means the defaultView property will be null, resources will not load, etc.
  • JSDOM.fragment(), called with no arguments, now creates a DocumentFragment with no children, instead of with a single child text node whose data was "undefined".

Other changes:

  • Fixed a regression in v13.2.0 when calling element.blur() on a focused element.
  • Fixed inserting <link> elements into documents with no browsing context to no longer crash if the originating JSDOM was configured to fetch the resource. Now, per spec, <link> elements only attempt to fetch if they are browsing-context connected.
  • Fixed <template> elements to have the correct semantics, of using a separate browsing-context-less document to store its contents. In particular this means resources will not be fetched for elements inside the <template>, as per spec.


  • Added support for MutationObservers! (pmdartus)
  • Added support for XML documents loaded in frames and iframes; previously this would error.
  • Added the <progress> element's value, max, and position properties.
  • Added navigator.plugins and navigator.mimeTypes. (But, they are always empty.)
  • Fixed <summary> elements respond to click events by toggling their parent <details>.
  • Fixed <summary> elements to be focusable.
  • Fixed XML document DOCTYPE parsing to preserve any custom name values.
  • Fixed XML documents to default to UTF-8, not windows-1252 like HTML documents do.
  • Fixed all events fired by jsdom to have isTrusted set to true.
  • Fixed DOMParser-created documents to have their readyState set to "complete".
  • Fixed how nested <fieldset>s get disabled.
  • Fixed getComputedStyle() to throw a sensible exception when passed the wrong argument, instead of one that exposes jsdom internals.
  • Upgraded our saxes dependency, so that it now correctly errors on XML fragments like <foo bar:="1"/>.


  • Added el.insertAdjacentElement() and el.insertAdjacentText().
  • Added the firing of a cancelable reset event to form.reset(). (epfremmer)
  • Added the type, value, and defaultValue properties to <output> elements, including their form reset behavior. (epfremmer)
  • Added the outputEl.htmlFor property.
  • Fixed the performance of parsing large text nodes, particularly noticeable for large inline <style> or <script> elements. This regressed in v11.6.0. To learn more, see V8 issue #6730.
  • Fixed the style property on <a> and <area> elements. This regressed in v13.0.0.
  • Fixed node.isConnected to not always return false for nodes inside a shadow tree. (pmdartus)
  • Fixed <button type="reset"> and <input type="reset"> elements to actually perform a form reset when clicked, instead of doing nothing. (epfremmer)
  • Fixed el.setCustomValidity() for <output> and <fieldset>.
  • Fixed activation behavior when dispatching bubbling click events, so that for example calling on the child of a submit button element will submit the form.
  • Fixed our XML parsing code to ignore text outside the root element, instead of treating it as an error. (lddubeau)
  • Fixed XML serialization when elements had an unknown prefix.
  • Fixed radio button group name matching to be case-sensitive, per a spec update.
  • Fixed focus/blur events to be composed.
  • Fixed mediaElement.duration to default to NaN.
  • Fixed olEl.start to default to 1.
  • Fixed using XMLHttpRequest against non-existant file: URLs to treat that as a network error, instead of crashing. (pascalbayer) Note that in the future we may completely disable XMLHttpRequest usage against file: URLs to follow the browser security model.
  • Fixed document.title in SVG documents.
  • Fixed titleElement.text to return the child text content, instead of being the same as titleElement.innerHTML.
  • Fixed <textarea>s to properly account for child CDATA section nodes changing.
  • Fixed the value of Element.prototype[Symbol.unscopables].


Breaking change:

  • Removed support for v1.x of the canvas package, in favor of v2.x. This also removes support for canvas-prebuilt, since canvas v2.x has a built-in prebuilt version.

Other changes:

  • Added proper XML serialization, based on the w3c-xmlserializer package. Previously we were just using the HTML serialization, even in XML documents.
  • Added the storageEvent.initStorageEvent() method.
  • Added support for the passive option to addEventListener().
  • Added the relList property to <a>, <area>, and <link> elements.
  • Fixed our implementation of the node tree modification constraints (for example the ensure pre-insertion validity algorithm). It is no longer possible to add, remove, or move nodes to create impossible DOM trees. (pmdartus)


  • Added support for shadow DOM! This includes shadow roots, slots, composed events, and more. (pmdartus)
  • Added the element.toggleAttribute() method.
  • Fixed XMLHttpRequest sometimes sending an empty request body after a preflight request. (andreasf)
  • Fixed the formElement.form property to use an algorithm that also checks the form="" attribute, instead of always looking for the closest ancestor <form> element. (jamietre)
  • Stopped swallowing errors when the canvas or canvas-prebuilt packages were installed, but failed to load. (joscha)


  • Dramatically upgraded our XML parser, from the unmaintained sax package to the well-maintained saxes replacement. This increases our specification conformance, including rejecting certain ill-formed XML documents that were previously accepted, and properly handling other constructs like empty comments, CDATA sections, and <script> elements. (lddubeau)
  • Added fieldsetEl.elements and fieldsetEl.type properties.
  • Added the options parameter to dom.runVMScript(). (SimenB)
  • Added the ability for custom resource loader fetch() implementations to see what element initiated the fetch. (sarvaje)
  • Fixed input and change events for <input> elements to be trusted and uncancelable.
  • "Fixed" <script>s with the async attribute to not execute before sync <script>s that precede them. We still do not, in general, have proper execution of scripts during the initial parsing of a document, so this fix is more of a reduction of badness than an alignment with the specification. This behavior regressed in v12.0.0. (sarvaje)


This major release brings along our new resource loader API, finally bringing all the capabilities from jsdom v9 to the new (jsdom v10+) API. Thanks very much to @sarvaje for his work to make this possible!

Breaking changes:

  • jsdom now requires Node.js v8.
  • Removed the old jsdom API, as the new API now has all the capabilities you need.
  • Updated our parse5 dependency to v5, which changes the format of the node locations returned by dom.nodeLocation().
  • Updated our whatwg-url dependency to v7, which changes the origin of file: URLs to be an opaque origin (and thus file: URLs are no longer same origin to each other).

Other changes:

  • Added countReset(), dir() and dirxml() methods to console.
  • Added the InputEvent class.
  • Added window.status.
  • Added htmlElement.draggable.
  • Fixed window.frameElement to correctly return an actual HTMLElement instance, instead of a jsdom internal class.
  • Fixed cloning of textarea elements to preserve their values.
  • Fixed select.selectedOptions sometimes returning outdated results.
  • Fixed CSS selection APIs sometimes returning outdated results, especially for state pseudo-class selectors like :checked.
  • Fixed CSS selection APIs to throw an error for invalid selectors even when used on empty nodes.
  • Fixed to default to the empty string, per spec, instead of "nodejs".
  • Fixed the default User-Agent to say "unknown OS" instead of "undefined" when jsdom is used in web browsers.


  • Added window.localStorage, window.sessionStorage, and StorageEvent support. These are currently only stored in-memory; file an issue if you need persistent (on-disk) storage capability so we can discuss adding that. This feature includes the new storageQuota option for controlling how much can be stored.
  • Added element.closest(). (caub)
  • Changed hashchange and popstate events to no longer bubble, per a specification update.
  • Fixed the old API in Node.js v10 to not throw, when given input that is not a valid file path (such as a typical HTML string).
  • Upgraded cssstyle to v1.0.0, bringing along various fixes to our CSS parser and object model. (eddies)
  • Upgraded nwsapi to v2.0.7, bringing along various fixes to our selector engine.


  • Added node.getRootNode(). (FrecksterGIT)
  • Added label.control. (FrecksterGIT)
  • Added el.labels for form control elements. (FrecksterGIT)
  • Fixed the contentType of Documents created through <iframe>s.
  • Fixed the contentType and origin of Documents created through document.implementation.createDocument().
  • Fixed sourceEl.srcset to return the value of the srcset="" attribute, instead of the cite="" attribute.
  • Fixed node.normalize() to not modify non-Text nodes. (lddubeau)
  • Upgraded cssstyle to v0.3.1, bringing along various fixes to our CSS parser and object model. (jsakas)
  • Upgraded whatwg-url to v6.4.1, fixing the interaction of URL's href and searchParams properties.
  • Upgraded our selector matching engine from nwsmatcher to nwsapi, bringing along extensive fixes, performance improvements, and additional selector support.


  • Added event.srcElement and event.returnValue.
  • Fixed XMLHttpRequest to correctly set the User-Agent header, and set it on CORS preflight requests. (BehindTheMath)


  • Added node.lookupPrefix(), node.lookupNamespaceURI() and node.isDefaultNamespace().
  • Fixed the cloning of Documents; previously it would not clone all of the appropriate state, and would sometimes add an extra document type node.
  • Fixed various edge cases in the textContent and nodeValue properties.
  • Fixed canvas.toBlob() to properly pass through the JPEG quality argument, instead of always passing zero to node-canvas. (challakoushik)


  • Added the full constraint validation API, i.e. willValidate, validity, validationMessage, checkValidity(), reportValidity(), and setCustomValidity(), on HTMLButtonElement, HTMLFieldSetElement, HTMLFormElement, HTMLInputElement, HTMLObjectElement, HTMLOutputElement, HTMLSelectElement, and HTMLTextAreaElement. (kontomondo)
  • Added getElementById() to DocumentFragment.


  • Added the boolean return value to DOMTokenList's replace() method, per the recent spec addition.
  • Added FileReader's readAsBinaryString() method, as it has been added back to the specification.
  • Fixed event handlers to be own properties of each Window, instead of on Window.prototype. (Fetz)
  • Fixed an exception that would sometimes get raised when removing an <img> element's src="" attribute. (atsikov)
  • Fixed abort events on AbortSignals to have their isTrusted set to true.
  • Fixed some argument conversions in XMLHttpRequest's open() method.
  • Improved MIME type and data: URL parsing throughout jsdom, by using the new whatwg-mimetype and data-urls packages.
  • Removed some unnecessary .webidl files that were included in the npm package.


  • Fixed another regression (since v11.6.0) in <style> elements, where they would omit a series of parsing jsdomError events for any style sheet text containing spaces.
  • Generally improved the spec-conformance of when <style> and <script> elements are evaluated; for example, <script> elements inserted by innerHTML are no longer evaluated.


  • Fixed one regression (since v11.6.0) in <style> elements, where their sheet property would sometimes be null when it should not be.
  • Fixed a case where a <style> element's sheet property would be left as a CSSStyleSheet despite it not being in the document.

Another regression remains where we are emitting spurious CSS-parsing jsdomError events; see #2123. We also discovered a large amount of preexisting brokenness around <style>, <link>, and @import; see #2124 for more details.

We'll try to fix these soon, especially the regression.


  • Added a fully-functioning WebSocket implementation!
  • Added a window.performance implementation, including the basics of the High Resolution Time specification:, performance.timeOrigin, and performance.toJSON().
  • Added support for all of the public API of HTMLMeterElement, except for meterEl.labels.
  • Added the locationbar, menubar, personalbar, scrollbars, statusbar, and toolbar properties to Window.
  • Added more properties to window.screen: availWidth, availHeight, colorDepth, and pixelDepth. All of its properties are now getters as well.
  • Added window.devicePixelRatio.
  • Added getModifierState() to MouseEvent and KeyboardEvent.
  • Added a setter for HTMLInputElement's files property.
  • Added support for the endings option to the Blob constructor.
  • Fixed firing various event firings to have the correct default values, e.g. the properties of MouseEvent when using
  • Fixed the firing of popstate and hashchange events during fragment navigation to make them trusted events.
  • Fixed data: URL parsing to not include the fragment portions.
  • Fixed all URL-accepting properties to properly perform scalar value string conversion and URL resolution.
  • Fixed many other small edge-case conformance issues in the API surface of various web APIs; see #2053 and #2081 for more information.
  • Fixed various APIs to use ASCII lowercasing, instead of Unicode lowercasing, for element and attribute names.
  • Fixed the encoding of a document created via new Document() to be UTF-8.
  • Fixed event handler properties behavior when given non-callable objects.
  • Increased the performance of parsing HTML documents with large numbers of sibling elements.
  • Removed probablySupportsContext() and setContext() from HTMLCanvasElement, per spec updates.
  • Removed the nonstandard window.scrollLeft and window.scrollTop properties, and the window.createPopup() method.


(This should have been a minor release; oops.)

  • Added AbortSignal and AbortController.
  • Fixed validation for file <input>s and implemented validation for more input types.


For this release we'd like to welcome @Zirro to the core team; his contributions over the course of this year have enhanced jsdom immensely.

  • Added a rudimentary set of SVG element classes, namely SVGElement, SVGGraphicsElement, SVGSVGElement, SVGTests, SVGAnimatedString, SVGNumber, and SVGStringList. The main impact here is that SVG elements are now instances of SVGElement, instead of being simply Element (as they were in v11.3.0) or HTMLUnknownElement (as they were in v11.2.0 and previously). The only concrete subclass that is implemented is SVGSVGElement, for <svg> itself; other tags will not map to their correct classes, because those classes are not yet implemented.
  • Added the new pretendToBeVisual option, which controls the presence of the new requestAnimationFrame() and cancelAnimationFrame() methods, and the new values of document.hidden/document.visibilityState. See the README for more information. (SimenB)
  • Added the append() and prepend() methods to Document, DocumentFragment, and Element. (caub)
  • Added the before(), after(), and replaceWith() methods to DocumentType, Element, and CharacterData. (caub)
  • Added node.isConnected.
  • Added node.isSameNode().
  • Added support for parsing CDATA sections in XML documents, including in domParser.parseFromString(). (myabc)
  • Added appropriate input.value getter/setter logic for <input type="file">.
  • Significantly improved the spec-compliance of NamedNodeMap, i.e. of element.attributes, such that retrieving named or indexed properties will now always work properly.
  • Fixed domParser.parseFromString() to not parse HTML character entities in XML documents. (myabc)
  • Fixed xhr.abort() to clear any set headers.
  • Fixed XMLHttpRequest to always decoded responses as UTF-8 when responseType is set to "json".
  • Fixed XMLHttpRequest CORS header handling, especially with regard to preflights and Access-Control-Allow-Headers. (ScottAlbertine)
  • Fixed the behavior of to fire appropriate input and change events. (liqwid)
  • Fixed querySelector()/querySelectorAll() behavior for SVG elements inside <template> contents DocumentFragments, including those created by JSDOM.fragment(). (caub)
  • Fixed the line number reporting in exception stack traces when using <script> elements, when includeNodeLocations is set.
  • Removed the <applet> element, following the spec.


For this release we'd like to formally welcome @TimothyGu to the core team, as a prolific contributor. He will join the illustrious ranks of those who do so much work on jsdom that we no longer note their names in the changelog.

  • Added table.tHead, table.tFoot, and table.caption setters, and the table.createTBody() method.
  • Added CompositionEvent and WheelEvent classes.
  • Added a <details> element implementation. (Zirro)
  • Added stub <marquee> and <picture> element implementations. (Zirro)
  • Updated uiEvent.initUIEvent(), keyboardEvent.initKeyboardEvent(), and mouseEvent.initiMouseEvent() to match the latest specifications.
  • Converted DOMTokenList (used by, e.g., element.classList) to use proxies for improved specification compliance and "liveness".
  • Fixed the DOMException class to be spec-compliant, including its constructor signature.
  • Fixed some subtle interactions between inline event handlers and other event listeners.
  • Fixed the element interface used when creating many of the more obscure elements.
  • Fixed the behavior of the table.rows getter, and the table.createCaption() and table.deleteRow() methods.
  • Fixed incorrect sharing of methods between interfaces that used mixins (e.g. previously document.querySelector === documentFragment.querySelector, incorrectly).
  • Fixed FocusEvent creation, which regressed in v11.2.0.
  • Fixed UIEvent to only allow initializing with Window objects for its view property.
  • Fixed the behavior of tr.rowIndex and tr.deleteCall().
  • Fixed the element interface for <td> and <th> to be simply HTMLTableCellElement, and improved that class's spec compliance.
  • Fixed calling to not trigger the labeled control's activation behavior when the control is disabled. (schreifels)
  • Fixed document.getElementsByName() to return a NodeList instead of a HTMLCollection. (Zirro)
  • Significantly sped up synchronous XMLHttpRequest. (Zirro)


This release brings with it a much-awaited infrastructure change, as part of webidl2js v7.3.0 by the ever-amazing TimothyGu: jsdom can now generate spec-compliant versions of classes that have "Proxy-like" behavior, i.e. allow getting or setting keys in unusual ways. This enables a number of improvements, also by TimothyGu:

  • Significantly improved the spec-compliance and "liveness" of both NodeList and HTMLCollection, such that retrieving properties via indices or (in HTMLCollection's case) id/name values will always work correctly.
  • Added element.dataset support.
  • Added indexed and named access to <select> elements, as well as the corresponding item() and namedItem() methods.
  • Added suport for FileList indexed properties, i.e. fileList[i].
  • Made select.options an instance of the newly-implemented HTMLOptionsCollection, instead of just a HTMLCollection.

This infrastructure will allow us to improve and implement many other similar behaviors; that work is being tracked in #1129.

In addition to these improvements to the object model, we have more work to share:

  • Added no-op APIs document.clear(), document.captureEvents(), document.releaseEvents(), window.external.AddSearchProvider(), and window.external.IsSearchProviderInstalled(). (Zirro)
  • Added active checks to prevent reentrancy in TreeWalker and NodeIterator.
  • Updated the interaction between a <textarea>'s value, defaultValue, and textContent per a recent spec change
  • Fixed elements with id="undefined" shadowing the undefined property of the global object. (TimothyGu)
  • Fixed matching in getElementsByClassName() to be ASCII case-insensitive, instead of using JavaScript's toLowerCase().
  • Improved some behaviors around navigating to fragments. (ForbesLindesay)
  • Improved XMLHttpRequest and FileReader behavior, mainly around event handlers, abort(), and network errors.
  • Improved edge-case spec compliance of NodeIterator.


  • Added javascript: URL "navigation" via window.location, at least by evaluating the side effects. It still doesn't actually navigate anywhere. (ForbesLindesay)
  • Updated whatwg-url to v6.1.0, bringing along origin serialization changes and URLSearchParams among various other fixes. (ForbesLindesay)
  • Fixed javascript: URL loading for iframes to do proper percent-decoding and error reporting.
  • Fixed corrupted XMLHttpRequest responses when they were over 1 MiB.
  • Fixed timers to not start after a window is close()d, which could cause strange errors since most objects are unusable at that point. (Enverbalalic)


Breaking changes:

  • Custom parsers, via the parser option to the old API, can no longer be specified. They were never tested, often broken, and a maintenance burden. The defaults, of parse5 for HTML and sax for XML, now always apply.
  • Due to a parse5 upgrade, the location info objects returned by dom.nodeLocation() or the old API's jsdom.nodeLocation() now have a different structure.
  • Fixed how runScripts applies to event handler attributes; now they will no longer be converted into event handler functions unless runScripts: "dangerously" is set. However, event handler properties will now work with any runScripts option value, instead of being blocked.

Other changes:

  • Overhauled how event handler properties and attributes work to follow the spec. In particular, this adds various oneventname properties to various prototypes, ensures the correct order when interleaving event handlers and other event listeners, and ensures that event handlers are evaluated with the correct values in scope.
  • Upgraded parse5 from v1 to v3, bringing along several correctness improvements to HTML parsing. (Zirro)
  • Updated Location properties to be on the instance, instead of the prototype, and to be non-configurable.
  • Significantly improved the performance of HTMLCollection, and thus of parsing large documents. (Zirro)
  • Significantly improved the performance of getComputedStyle() by removing unsupported selectors from the default style sheet. (flaviut)
  • Fixed all web platform methods that accepted web platform objects to perform proper type checks on them, throwing a TypeError when given invalid values. (TimothyGu)
  • Fixed the Symbol.toStringTag properties to be non-writable and non-enumerable. (TimothyGu)
  • Fixed tokenList.remove() when the DOMTokenList corresponded to a non-existant attribute. (Zirro)
  • Fixed fileReader.abort() to terminate ongoing reads properly.
  • Fixed xhr.send() to support array buffer views, not just ArrayBuffers. (ondras)
  • Fixed non-GET requests to data: URLs using XMLHttpRequest. (Zirro)
  • Fixed form submission to no longer happen for disconnected forms.
  • Fixed body event handler attributes to be treated like all others in terms of how they interact with runScripts.
  • Many updates per recent spec changes: (Zirro)
    • Updated tokenList.replace() edge-case behavior.
    • Invalid qualified names now throw "InvalidCharacterError" DOMExceptions, instead of "NamespaceError" DOMExceptions.
    • Changed to no longer throw on types where selection does not apply.
    • Updated event.initEvent() and various related methods to have additional defaults.
    • Stopped lowercasing headers in XMLHttpRequest responses.
    • Started lowercasing headers in xhr.getAllResponseHeaders(), and separating the header values with a comma-space (not just a comma).
    • Allow a redirect after a CORS preflight when using XMLHttpRequest.
    • Tweaked username/password CORS treatment when using XMLHttpRequest.
    • Changed xhr.overrideMimeType() to no longer throw for invalid input.
    • Removed blob.close() and blob.isClosed().
  • Removed some remaining not-per-spec toString() methods on various prototypes, which were made redundant in v10.1.0 but we forgot to remove.


  • Added the value sanitization algorithm for password, search, tel, text, color, email, and url input types. (Zirro)
  • Added Symbol.toStringTag to all web platform classes, so that now works as expected on jsdom objects.
  • Added the select.selectedOptions property.
  • Removed the toString() methods on various prototypes that returned "[object ClassName]" in an attempt to fake the Symbol.toStringTag behavior.
  • Changed XMLHttpRequest to pre-allocate a 1 MiB buffer, which it grows exponentially as needed, in order to avoid frequent buffer allocation and concatenation. (skygon)
  • Fixed a variety of properties that were meant to always return the same object, to actually do so. (Zirro)
  • Fixed inheritance of the runScripts and resources options into iframes.
  • Fixed an uncaught exception that occurred if you called xhr.abort() during a readystatechange event.


This release includes a complete overhaul of jsdom's API for creating and manipulating jsdoms. The new API is meant to be much more intuitive and have better defaults, with complete documentation in the newly-overhauled README. We hope you like it!

As discussed in the new README, the old API is still available and supported via require("jsdom/lib/old-api.js"), at least until we have ported all of its features over to the new API. It will, however, not be gaining any new features, and we suggest you try the new API unless you really need the customizable resource loading the old API provides.

Apart from the new API, the following changes were made, with breaking changes bolded:

  • Removed support for Node.js v4 and v5, as we have started using new JavaScript features only supported in Node.js v6 onwards.
  • Changed the omitJsdomErrors option to omitJSDOMErrors, for consistency with web platform APIs.
  • Added document.dir. (Zirro)
  • Updated the <a> and <area> APIs to the latest specification, and fixed a few bugs with them. (makana)
  • Fixed <img> elements to no longer fire load events unless their image data is actually loaded (which generally only occurs when the canvas package is installed).
  • Fixed XMLHttpRequest preflights to forward approved preflight headers to the actual request. (mbroadst)
  • Fixed htmlElement.dir to properly restrict its values to "ltr", "rtl", or "auto". (Zirro)
  • Fixed setting innerHTML to the empty string to no longer be a no-op. (Zirro)
  • Fixed the origin-checking logic in window.postMessage(), so that now you don't always have to pass an origin of "*". (jmlopez-rod)
  • Improved the error message when there are not enough arguments. (lencioni)


  • Added the Option named constructor. (NAlexPear)
  • Added support for the canvas-prebuilt npm package as an alternative to canvas. (asturur)
  • Fixed setTimeout() and setInterval() to always return a positive integer, instead of returning 0 the first time were called. (yefremov)
  • Fixed jsdom.env() to preserve URL fragments across redirects. (josephfrazier)
  • Fixed optionEl.text and optionEl.value to be more spec-compliant.
  • Fixed event.stopImmediatePropagation() to actually stop immediate propagation, not just propagation.
  • Fixed clearTimeout() and clearInterval() to work correctly when using jsdom browserified.


  • Added dummy properties offsetTop, offsetLeft, offsetWidth, and offsetHeight that always return 0, and offsetParent which always returns null, for all HTML elements. (yefremov)
  • Fixed various edge cases in our type conversions applied to method arguments and setters throughout the web platform APIs implemented by jsdom.


  • Added forEach, keys, values, and entries methods to NodeList.
  • Added event.cancelBubble.
  • Added dummy properties scrollWidth, scrollHeight, clientTop, clientLeft, clientWidth, and clientHeight that always return 0 to all elements. (alistairjcbrown)
  • Updated many aspects of Blob, File, and FileReader to better match the File API specification. (TimothyGu)
  • Fixed the progress and readystatechange events fired by XMLHttpRequest to match recent specification changes and test updates.
  • Fixed element.getClientRects() to return an empty array, instead of an array containing a dummy bounding box. (alistairjcbrown)
  • Changed navigator.vendor to return "Apple Computer, Inc." instead of "Google Inc.", since we have chosen the WebKit navigator compatibility mode.


  • Removed the use of array.includes to fix a compatibility issue with Node.js v4.


  • Added CDATASection nodes, including document.createCDATASection. (snuggs)
  • Added node.wholeText. (jdanyow)
  • Added a setter for document.body.
  • Added document.embeds, document.plugsin, and document.scripts. These were supposed to be added in 9.5.0 but were mistakenly omitted.
  • Fixed element.insertAdjacentHTML to work when the element has null or the document as its parent node, as long as the insertion position is "afterbegin" or "beforeend".
  • Fixed form submission to only hit the "not implemented" virtual console message when form submission is not canceled, instead of when it is.
  • Fixed an issue where the event listener was not being correctly removed when using the { once: true } option to addEventListener. (i8-pi)
  • Fixed an error that was thrown when using XHTMLHttpRequest and POSTing JSON contents to an endpoint that requires CORS while using an Authorization header. (dunnock)
  • Fixed document.body and document.title to act more correctly in various edge cases.
  • Fixed HTMLCollection named access to return the first element encountered, not the last.


  • Fixed syntax errors in Node.js v4.


  • Fixed DOMTokenList and getElementsByClassName to only split on ASCII whitespace, not all Unicode whitespace.


  • Fixed an error that occurred when passing no class names to getElementsByClassName, e.g. getElementsByClassName("") or getElementsByClassName(" ").


  • Added the blob.isClosed property. (TimothyGu)
  • Fixed the file.lastModified property to be on File instead of on Blob. (TimothyGu)
  • Fixed the file.lastModified property to default to the time of the File object's creation, not the time that the property is accessed. (TimothyGu)
  • Fixed a minor edge-case regression where non-HTML elements with the name "iframe" became focusable in v9.7.0.


  • Fixed a performance regression introduced in 9.5.0 for modifying the DOM. It was particularly noticable during initial parsing of a document with many elements; for example, one test showed parsing ten thousand elements taking 36.4 seconds, whereas after this fix it is back to a more reasonable 0.4 seconds.


  • Added EventListenerOptions support to addEventListener and removeEventListener, including both the once and capture options. (GianlucaGuarini)
  • Added document.hasFocus() (acusti)
  • Fixed the focus management to ensure that focusing something inside an iframe will also focus the iframe itself. (acusti)


  • Added HTMLCollection.prototype[Symbol.iterator], so you can use for-of loops over HTMLCollections now. (i8-pi)
  • Fixed file.lastModified to return the current time as the default, instead of 0.
  • Fixed cloning of Attrs to properly clone the namespace prefix.
  • Tweaked XMLHttpRequest progress event ordering slightly to better match the spec and browsers.
  • Tweaked the behavior of calling event.stopPropagation and event.stopImmediatePropagation on already-dispatched events, per the latest changes to the DOM Standard.


  • Added document.scripts, document.embeds, and document.plugins.
  • Fixed document.getElementsByTagName and document.getElementsByTagNameNS to return HTMLCollections instead of NodeLists, and to follow the spec algorithms more exactly.
  • Fixed various HTMLCollection-returning getters such as document.applets or table.cells to be more spec-compliant.
  • Fixed the resource loader to respect the agent and agentClass options, not just the agentOptions one.
  • Fixed console.groupCollapse to be console.groupCollapsed (and changed the virtual console accordingly).


  • Fixed error events from failed resource loads going missing since v9.4.3. I really should have tested that release better.


  • Fixed a leftover console.log introduced in the error handling path in v9.4.3.


  • Fixed spurious "jsdomError"s occuring when closing a window, due to aborted resource loads.


  • Fixed what would happen when inline event handlers (such as element.onclick) would return non-boolean values (such as undefined); it would previously erroneously cancel the event, in many cases. (dmethvin)
  • Upgraded the minimum tough-cookie version to ensure all installations are protected against a security advisory.


  • Implemented the cloning steps for <input> elements, so that cloned inputs properly copy over their value, checkedness, dirty value flag, and dirty checkedness flag. (matthewp)


  • Added the DOMParser API. It is spec-compliant, including producing <parsererror> elements, except that the produced documents do not have the same URL as the creating document (they instead always have "about:blank").
  • Added strict XML parsing when using parsingMode: "xml". Creating documents will now fail, just like in a browser, when ill-formed XHTML markup is used.
  • Added some rudimentary application of XML <!ENTITY declarations.
  • Added window.frameElement, although without appropriate cross-origin security checks.
  • Added the jsdom.evalVMScript public API.
  • Added more custom request agent support: you can now pass agent and agentClass in addition to agentOptions. (frarees)
  • Updated our elements-being-disabled semantics to more closely match the spec, in particular with regard to being descendants of <fieldset disabled>.
  • Updated FormData for recent spec fixes: blobs, files, and filenames should now all work like you'd expect.
  • Updated the FormData constructor to use the proper, rather-complex, constructing the form data set algorithm.
  • Fixed all constructors that appears as globals on the jsdom window object to be non-enumerable.
  • Fixed <script> elements to load when they gain a src attribute while in a document.
  • Fixed <link rel="stylesheet"> elements to load when their href attributes change while in a document.
  • Fixed the loading of external <img>s (when the canvas npm package is installed) that were specified via relative URL; this regressed in 9.2.1.
  • Fixed <iframe> documents to have the correct referrer value (viz. the URL of their parent).
  • Fixed the value of input.checked inside click events on checkboxes.
  • Fixed the window object's named properties to correctly return the <iframe> element or the <iframe>'s window in appropriate scenarios involving name vs. id attributes on the <iframe>. (matthewp)


  • Added the Audio named constructor.
  • Fixed the Image named constructor to follow the spec more closely (e.g. Image.prototype is now equal to HTMLImageElement.prototype).
  • Fixed the tabIndex setter, which regressed in 9.1.0, to no longer cause errors.
  • Made submit buttons and labels respond to click event cancelation correctly, preventing form submission and re-dispatching to the relevant form control. (marcandre)
  • Fixed unhandled errors thrown in XHR event handlers being swallowed; they now properly are redirected to the virtual console.


  • Fixed <input>'s selectionStart, selectionEnd, and selectionDirection getters to return null, instead of throwing, for elements that do not allow selection, per a recent spec change.
  • Fixed <base>'s href getter logic to return the attribute value instead of the empty string for unparseable URLs, per a recent spec change.
  • Fixed the referrer sent when retrieving external resources to be the document's URL, not the document's base URL.
  • Fixed suppression of all error events on window beyond the first one.
  • Fixed new URL to correctly throw for unparseable URLs, and all of URL's setters to correctly ignore invalid input instead of throwing.
  • Fixed StyleSheetList.prototype.item to return null instead of undefined for out-of-bounds indices. (Ginden)
  • Updated cssstyle minimum version to ensure all jsdom installs (not just fresh ones) get the benefit of cssstyle's recently-better background and width setters.


  • Added jsdom.changeURL(window, newURL) for allowing you to override a window's existing URL. (mummybot)
  • Fixed the proxy option to be applied to all requests; previously it was not always passed through. (nicolashenry)
  • Fixed XMLHttpRequest response header filtering for cross-origin requests; this also fixes ProgressEvents fired from such XHRs. (nicolashenry)


  • Added a somewhat-reasonable implementation of focus and focus events. Although the full complexity of focus is not implemented, the following improvements have been made:
    • Only elements which are focusable can be focused.
    • Added the FocusEvent class, and now focus and blur events are fired appropriately.
    • tabIndex now returns 0 by default for focusable elements.
  • Reimplemented navigator to be to-spec:
    • Added appCodeName, product, productSub, vendor, and vendorSub; also changes userAgent, appName, platform, and version to be more browser-like instead of based on various Node.js information.
    • Added language and languages.
    • Added onLine.
    • Added javaEnabled().
    • Removed noUI.
  • Fixed formEl.action to return a value resolved relative to the document URL, or to return the document URL if the corresponding attribute is missing or empty.
  • Sped up XPath execution. (vsemozhetbyt)
  • Fixed window.close() not correctly clearing event listeners on the document. (Ojek)
  • Fixed a regression introduced in v9.0.0 where invalid CSS would cause a crash while attempting to parse it. Instead, a "jsdomError" will now be emitted to the virtual console.


This major release removes jsdom's support for mutation events. Mutation events were never well-specified, and the modern DOM Standard omits them in the hopes that they can be removed from browsers (although this has not yet happened in major browser engines). We had hoped to implement their modern alternative, mutation observers, before performing this removal, to give jsdom users the same capabilities.

However, recent performance investigations revealed that mutation events were the major bottleneck in most jsdom operations; tools like ecmarkup which make heavy use of jsdom had their running time halved by removing mutation events, which add serious overhead to every DOM mutation. As such, we are doing a major release with them removed, so that jsdom users can benefit from this massive performance gain.

Mutation observer support is in progress; please use the GitHub reactions feature to vote on that issue if you are impacted by this removal and are hoping for mutation observer support to replace it.

Your normal change log follows:

  • Removed mutation events, as discussed above.
  • Added the DOMTokenList.prototype.replace method. (nicolashenry)
  • Updated DOMTokenList.prototype.contains to no longer validate its arguments, as per the latest spec. (nicolashenry)
  • Made various improvements to XMLHttpRequest (nicolashenry):
    • Added the responseURL property.
    • Updated methods, headers, and header values to use the ByteString algorithm.
    • Fixed the default statusText to be "" instead of "OK".
  • Fixed the Blob constructor's type validation. (nicolashenry)


  • Added encoding handling (nicolashenry)
    • jsdom.env, when given a URL or file, will decode the resulting bytes using signals like the Content-Type header, <meta charset> declaration, or presence of a BOM, in the same manner as web browsers.
    • Fetching external resources, via mechanisms such as XMLHttpRequest or <script>/<link>/<iframe> tags, will also account for such signals.
    • jsdom.jsdom(), which takes a string, still sets a "UTF-8" encoding by default, since there are no bytes or headers for it to sniff an encoding from.
  • Removed iframe.sandbox property, since it was not implemented and simply crashed when used.
  • Removed element.sourceIndex property, since it was nonstandard (Internet Explorer only).
  • Fixed setting proxied inline event handlers, such as doc.body's onload="" attribute, for documents that do not have a browsing context.


  • Fixed an issue where setting selected on an multi-select would clear all other selectedness.


  • Added an implementation of the TreeWalker class (and document.createTreeWalker). (garycourt)
  • Fixed a few minor bugs in URL parsing and the URL API, by upgrading to whatwg-url v2.0.1.
  • Fixed a few issues with generated files in the published package, which seem to have impacted webpack users.


  • Fixed an issue where if you modified Object.prototype, spurious attributes would show up on your jsdom nodes. (deckar01)


  • Added image loading and decoding, when the canvas npm package is installed (lehni). In practice, this means that if you enable fetching "img" external resources, then:
    • img.naturalWidth, img.naturalHeight, img.width, img.height, img.complete, and img.currentSrc will update themselves correctly as the image loads
    • load and error events will fire on the <img> element, according to how well image decoding goes.
    • You can draw images onto canvases, using the newly-enabled canvasContext.drawImage API.
  • Added canvasContext.createPattern and canvasContext.toBlob, when the canvas npm package is installed. (lehni)
  • Added a basic implementation of the Page Visibility API, in particular a document.hidden property that always returns true, and a document.visibilityState property that always returns "prerender". This is a more standard alternative to our proprietary navigator.noUI, which will be removed whenever we release v9.0.0. (kapouer)


  • Added correct click behavior for inputs (jeffcarp):
    • change and input events now fire appropriately
    • The "click in progress" flag is implemented, so you cannot click while a click is in progress
    • Canceling a click event appropriately resets radio buttons and checkboxes
  • Updated our XMLHttpRequest implementation with a variety of fixes and features, including preliminary CORS support. (nicolashenry)
  • Added a strictSSL top-level option to govern all requests jsdom makes. (nicolashenry)
  • XHTML frames and iframes are now parsed as XML instead of HTML. (nicolashenry)
  • Added document.origin and document.lastModified. (nicolashenry)
  • Fixed the scriptEl.text getter and setter to follow the spec.
  • Fixed script execution to check against the canonical list of JavaScript MIME types and only execute those scripts as JavaScript.


  • Fixed input selection methods and properties to properly differentiate between inputs that can be selected outright vs. textual inputs which allow variable-length selection. (yaycmyk)


  • Added attr.nodeName, which was recently re-added to the spec.
  • Added click-proxying behavior from <label>s to their labeled form elements. (yaycmyk)
  • Added a setter for element.classList per recent spec changes (it forwards to element.classList.value).
  • Updated our attributes implementation in a few ways for recent spec changes and to fix discovered bugs:
    • Added element.getAttributeNames(). (spec addition)
    • setAttributeNode and setAttributeNodeNS can now replace an attribute node, instead of removing the old one and adding a new one; this avoids changing the order in the attribute list. (spec change)
    • NamedNodeMap named properties are now lowercase (except in edge cases involving XML documents or non-HTML elements). (spec change)
    • NamedNodeMap named properties are now non-enumerable.
    • The "DOMAttrModified" mutation event's relatedNode is now the new Attr object, not the Node, as per spec.
  • Updated DOMTokenList to have a value property per recent spec changes; its toString serialization also changed slightly.
  • Updated tc.headers to be a DOMTokenList that simply reflects the headers attribute; previously it was a string, with its computation doing some weird stuff.
  • Fixed document.implementation.createDocument() to create a document with its parsing mode set to XML, which affects a variety of DOM APIs in small ways.
  • Fixed EventTarget.prototype.constructor to be correct; it was previously Window.
  • Fixed option.index for <option>s not inside a <select> to no longer error.
  • Fixed tc.cellIndex for <td>s and <th>s not inside a <tr> to no longer error.
  • Fixed tr.sectionRowIndex for <tr>s not inside a <table>, <tbody>, <thead>, or <tfoot> to no longer error.
  • Removed the "keyevents" alias for "keyboardevent" when using document.createEvent, per recent spec changes.


  • Fixed the this value when you pass a { handleEvent() { ... } } object to addEventListener. (thetalecrafter)


  • Fixed HTMLOptionElement.prototype.label; a typo was causing it to not work at all. (karlhorky)
  • Updated cssstyle minimum version to ensure all jsdom installs (not just fresh ones) get the benefit of cssstyle's recently-better padding and margin parsing/CSSOM.


  • Fixed an issue where custom user agents would not propagate to navigator.userAgent in frames and iframes.
  • Improved our document.activeElement implementation to be a bit smarter; we still don't have full focus/blur/active element semantics, but at least now it falls back to the <body> element when the active element is removed from the document or when no element has been focused yet.


  • Fixed an issue where the this inside event handler callbacks was not equal to the event's current target. (Surprisingly there were no tests for this!)


This major release includes a large rewrite of most of the DOM and HTML classes exposed in jsdom. A lot of their behavior is generated from their specs' IDL syntax, taking care of many type conversions, attribute/property reflections, and much more. Many properties that were previously not present are now available, and almost everything behaves in a more spec-compliant way. Additionally, for these classes all of their implementation details are no longer available as underscore-prefixed properties, but instead are hidden behind a single symbol.

Although normally jsdom does not mark a new major release for changes that simply update us to the latest specs or hide internal implementation details better, the magnitude of the changes is so extensive that we want to bump the major version in order to ensure that consumers perform adequate testing before upgrading. But, you should definitely upgrade! The new stuff is really awesome!

  • Reimplemented Location, History, and HTMLHyperlinkElementUtils (used by both HTMLAnchorElement and HTMLAreaElement) according to the latest specs, and using the latest whatwg-url package. This greatly improves our correctness on URL resolution and navigation (to the extent we support navigation, i.e. pushState and changing the hash). It should also improve parsing speed as we no longer parse and resolve URLs during parsing.
  • Added Element.prototype.insertAdjacentHTML. (kasperisager)
  • Added Node.prototype.adoptNode, and adopt nodes during insertion instead of throwing "WrongDocumentError"s. (dmethvin)
  • Added a stub Element.prototype.getClientRects to match our stub getBoundingClientRect.
  • Fixed setTimeout and setInterval to return numeric IDs, instead of objects. (alvarorahul)
  • Fixed setTimeout and setInterval to accept string arguments to eval, and to pass along extra arguments after the first two.
  • Fixed certain style shorthand properties not updating their component properties or parsing correctly. (dpvc)
  • Fixed Event object creation to always initialize the event objects, unless using document.createEvent, even for events with name "".
  • Fixed iframes to go through the custom resource loader. (chrmarti)
  • Removed "DOM Load and Save" stub implementation. That spec was never implemented in browsers, and jsdom only contained stubs.
  • Removed other minor unimplemented, stub, or no-longer-standard APIs from "DOM Level 3", like the user-data API, DOMError, DOMConfiguration, and DOMStringList.


  • Fixed canvasEl.toDataURL(), with the canvas npm package installed; a recent update to the canvas package broke how we were passing arguments to do.
  • Fixed data: URL parsing to allow empty contents, e.g. data:text/css;base64,. (sebmck)


  • Fixed a regression in XML parsing of attributes with a namespace URL but no prefix (e.g. <math xmlns="">).


  • Added support for text selection APIs on <input> and <textarea>! (sjelin and yaycmyk)
  • Replaced our default XML parser with sax, thus fixing many (but not all) issues with XML and XHTML parsing. To get a flavor of the issues fixed, check out these now-closed bugs: #393, #651, #415, #1276.
  • Fixed the <canvas> tag to reset its contents when its width or height changed, including the change from the default 300 × 150 canvas. (Applies only when using the canvas npm package.)
  • Fixed an issue where HTMLCollections would get confused when they contained elements with numeric ids or names.
  • Fixed an issue with doctype parsing confusing the system ID and public ID.
  • Made the task posted by postMessage use the inside-jsdom timer queue, instead of the Node.js one. This allows easier mocking. (cpojer)


  • When <iframe>s have unresolvable URLs, jsdom will no longer crash, but will instead just load about:blank into them. (This is the spec behavior.)
  • Fixed document.writeln to correctly handle multiple arguments; previously it ignored all after the first.
  • Fixed FileList objects to no longer have a property named "undefined". (jfremy)


This is a rather large release bringing with it several important re-implementations of DOM and HTML APIs.

  • Our EventTarget implementation has been rewritten from scratch to follow the spec exactly. This should improve any edge case misbehaviors.
  • Our Event class hierarchy has been rewritten and fleshed out, fixing many gaps in functionality.
    • Previously missing classes KeyboardEvent and TouchEvent are now implemented.
    • Almost all supported Event subclasses now have constructors. (TouchEvent does not yet, and MutationEvent is specified to not have one.)
    • All classes now have correct public APIs, e.g. getters instead of data properties, missing properties added, and constructors that correctly allow setting all the supported properties.
    • document.createEvent("customevent", ...) now correctly creates a CustomEvent instead of an Event, and CustomEvent.prototype.initProgressEvent has been replaced with CustomEvent.prototype.initCustomEvent.
  • The Attr class and related attribute-manipulating methods has been rewritten to follow the latest specification. In particular, Attr is no longer a subclass of Node, and no longer has child text nodes.
  • The <template> element implementation has been greatly improved, now passing most web platform tests. Its .content property no longer has an extra intermediate document fragment; it no longer has child nodes; and related parts of the parser and serializer have been fixed, including innerHTML and outerHTML, to now work as specified.
  • querySelector, querySelectorAll, and matches now correctly throw "SyntaxError" DOMExceptions for invalid selectors, instead of just Error instances.
  • Node.prototype's insertBefore, replaceChild, and appendChild methods now check their arguments more correctly.
  • The browser builds now have regained the ability to fetch URLs for content and the like; this had been broken due to an issue with the browser-request package, which is no longer necessary anyway.


  • Fixed an issue where inside jsdom <script> code, /regexpliteral/ instanceof RegExp would be false.


  • Fixed two bugs with Node.prototype.isEqualNode:
    • It would previously always return true for comparing any two doctypes.
    • It would throw an error when trying to compare two elements that had attributes.
  • Enforced that document.implementation.createDocumentType requires all three of its arguments.


This major release has as its headlining feature a completely re-written XMLHttpRequest implementation, in a heroic effort by @nicolashenry. It includes a number of other smaller improvements and fixes. The breaking changes are highlighted in bold below.

  • Node.js 4.0 onward is now required, as we have begun using ES2015 features only present there.
  • Completely re-implemented XMLHttpRequest and related classes (nicolashenry):
    • Includes support for Blob, File, FileList, FileReader, FormData, ProgressEvent, and the supporting XMLHttpRequestUpload, and XMLHttpRequestEventTarget interfaces.
    • Includes support for synchronous XHRs.
    • Adds some new request-management abilities, documented in the readme. In short, the pool, agentOptions, and userAgent options are new, and resource loads can now be aborted.
    • These implementations are extremely complete and standards-compliant, passing 136 newly-introduced web platform tests.
  • Added document.charset, an alias for document.characterSet.
  • Added HTMLTemplateElement.prototype.content, for getting the contents of a <template> element as a document fragment. (rickychien)
  • Implemented "loose" cookie parsing, giving correct execution of code like document.cookie = "foo".
  • Several fixes related to event dispatching and creation, including the addition of Event.prototype.stopImmediatePropagation and the constants NONE, CAPTURING_PHASE, AT_TARGET, and BUBBLING_PHASE. This accounted for another 15 newly-passing web platform tests. (nicolashenry)
  • Fixed document.styleSheets to correctly track the removal of stylesheets from the document. (AVGP)
  • Fixed the created jsdom lifecycle callback receiving a different window object than the loaded or done callbacks when scripting was enabled.
  • Invalid URLs are no longer allowed when creating a jsdom document; the URL must be parseable, or an error will be thrown.
  • The { omitJsdomErrors } option of the virtual console has moved; it is no longer provided when creating the virtual console, but instead when calling sendTo.


  • Fixed an issue where with jsdom.jsdom, you had to pass referrer and cookie options as top-level, whereas with jsdom.env, you had to nest them under a document option. This was unnecessarily confusing. Now both possibilities are allowed for both functions. (The readme only documents the top-level version, though.)


  • Added NodeList.prototype[Symbol.iterator], so you can now use for-of loops with NodeLists.


  • Added jsdom.nodeLocation(node) to get the location within the source text of a given node.
  • Added jsdom.reconfigureWindow(window, { top }) to allow changing the value of a window's top property.
  • Added the element argument to the custom resource loader, so you can customize resource loads depending on which element loaded them.
  • Updated getElementsByClassName to match the spec. It now correctly splits on whitespace to try to find elements with all the given classes; it returns a HTMLCollection instead of a NodeList; and it memoizes the result.
  • Updated NodeList and HTMLCollection to match the spec. The most noticable change is that HTMLCollection no longer inherits from NodeList.


  • Added a fully spec-compliant implementation of window.atob and window.btoa. (jeffcarp)
  • Fixed many issues with our <canvas> implementation:
    • With the canvas npm package installed, <canvas> elements are now properly instanceof HTMLCanvasElement and instanceof HTMLElement.
    • <canvas> elements now present the same uniform spec-compliant API both with and without the canvas npm package installed. If the package is not installed, some of the methods will cause not-implemented jsdomError events to be emitted on the virtual console.
    • The width and height properties now correctly reflect the width and height attributes, and have the appropriate default values of 300 and 150.
    • With the canvas npm package installed, <canvas> elements now generally play better with other parts of jsdom, e.g., document.getElementById actually works with them.
  • Introduced and upated many of our element classes, so that at least every tag name/element class pair is now correct, even if some of the classes are stubs. In particular:
    • Complete implementations were added for HTMLDataElement, HTMLSpanElement, and HTMLTimeElement.
    • Stubs were added for HTMLDataListElement, HTMLDialogElement, HTMLEmbedElement, HTMLMeterElement, HTMLOutputElement, HTMLProgressElement, HTMLSourceElement, HTMLTemplateElement, and HTMLTrackElement.
    • HTMLAudioElement was implemented in full, although its HTMLMediaElement base, where most of its functionality is, is still largely a stub.
    • HTMLTableSectionElement, HTMLTableRowElement, HTMLTableCellElement, HTMLTableDataCellElement, and HTMLTableHeaderCellElement were updated to the latest spec.
    • HTMLIsIndexElement was removed; it has never been produced by the parser since 1.0.0-pre.1, and so it has been just a vestigial global property.
    • Appropriate constants were added to HTMLMediaElement.
  • Updated everything having to do with base URLs to be per-spec:
    • Added Node.prototype.baseURI property to get the node's owner document's base URL.
    • HTMLBaseElement's href getter now contains appropriate fallbacks and always returns an absolute URL, per spec.
    • If there are no base elements in an "about:blank" iframe document, the base URL correctly falls back to the parent window's base URL.
  • When you provide a url: ... option to jsdom.jsdom() or jsdom.env(), the given string is now attempted to be resolved as a URL before it is installed as document.URL.
    • So for example, providing url: "" will mean document.URL returns "", with a trailing slash.
    • In a future major release, we will start throwing if strings that cannot be parsed as valid absolute URL are provided for this option.


  • Added a full-featured, spec-compliant Element.prototype.classList, closing out a three-year old issue! (wacii)
  • Made virtualConsole.sendTo(console) forward "jsdomError"s to console by calling console.error. This can be turned off by doing virtualConsole.sendTo(console, { omitJsdomErrors: true }).
  • Fixed errors when trying to parse invalid doctype declarations, like <!DOCTYPE>.
  • Fixed spurious "jsdomError"s that were emitted after calling window.close().
  • Fixed the DOMSubtreeModified event to fire in more cases. Note that our mutation events implementation remains incomplete, and will eventually be removed (in a major release) once we implement mutation observers. (selam)


  • Added basic implementations of HTMLMediaElement and HTMLVideoElement, back-ported from Facebook's Jest project. (cpojer)


  • Fixed XMLHttpRequest.prototype.getAllResponseHeaders to not crash when used with file: URLs. (justinmchase)
  • Fixed XMLHttpRequest.prototype.response to correctly return the response text even when responseType was unset. (justinmchase)


This major release is focused on massive improvements in speed, URL parsing, and error handling. The potential breaking changes are highlighted in bold below; the largest ones are around the jsdom.env error-handling paradigm.

This release also welcomes long-time contributer @Joris-van-der-Wel to the core team. You may recognize him from earlier changelogs. We're very happy to have his help in making jsdom awesome!

  • io.js 2.0 onward is now required, as we have begun using ES2015 features only present there.
  • Improved performance dramatically, by ~10000x in some cases, due to the following changes:
    • Overhauled the named properties tracker to not walk the entire tree, thus greatly speeding up the setting of id and name attributes (including during parsing).
    • Overhauled everything dealing with tree traversal to use a new library, symbol-tree, to turn many operations that were previously O(n^2) or O(n) into O(n) or O(1).
    • Sped up node.compareDocumentPosition and anything that used it (like node.contains) by doing more intelligent tree traversal instead of directly implementing the specced algorithm.
  • Overhauled how error handling works in jsdom:
    • window.onerror (or window.addEventListener("error", ...)) now work, and will catch all script errors, similar to in browsers. This also introduces the ErrorEvent class, incidentally.
    • The virtual console is now the destination for several types of errors from jsdom, using the new event "jsdomError". This includes: errors loading external resources; script execution errors unhandled by window.onerror; and not-implemented warnings resulting from calling methods like window.alert which jsdom explicitly does not support.
    • Since script errors are now handled by window.onerror and the virtual console, they are no longer included in the initialization process. This results in two changes to jsdom.env and the initialization lifecycle:
      • The load(errors, window) callback was changed to onload(window), to reflect that it is now just sugar for setting a window.onload handler.
      • The done(errors, window) callback (i.e., the default callback for jsdom.env) has become done(error, window), and like every other io.js callback now simply gives you a single error object, instead of an array of them.
    • Nodes no longer have a nonstandard errors array, or a raise method used to put things in that array.
  • URL parsing and resolution was entirely overhauled to follow the URL standard!
    • This fixes several long-standing bugs and hacks in the jsdom URL parser, which already had a mess of gross patches on top of the built-in io.js parser to be more web-compatible.
    • The new URL class has been added to window
    • The interfaces for HTMLAnchorElement.prototype and document.location (as well as URL, of course) are now uniformized to follow the URLUtils API (minus searchParams for now).
    • As part of this change, you may need to start passing in file: URLs to jsdom.env where previously you were able to get away with passing in filenames.
  • Added the XMLHttpRequest.prototype.response getter.
  • Fixed StyleSheetList.prototype.item to actually work. (chad3814)
  • Fixed the browser vm shim to properly add the built-in global properties (Object, Array, etc.) to the sandbox. If you were running jsdom inside a web worker and most of your scripts were broken, this should fix that.
  • Fixed the hashchange event to correctly fire HashChangeEvent instances, with correct properties newURL and oldURL (instead of the incorrect newUrl and oldUrl used previously).
  • Removed usage of the setimmediate library, as it required eval and thus did not work in CSP scenarios.

Finally, if you're a loyal jsdom fan whose made it this far into the changelog, I'd urge you to come join us in #1139, where we are brainstorming a modernized jsdom API that could get rid of many of the warts in the current one.


  • Fixed an accidentally-created global attribute variable if you ever called createAttributeNS.
  • Dependency upgrades fixed a couple of bugs, although you would have gotten these anyway with a clean jsdom v5.6.0 install:
    • Parsing of CSS properties that use url("quoted string") now works correctly, as of cssstyle v0.2.29.
    • Selectors for the empty string, like div[title=""], now work correctly, as of nwmatcher v1.3.6.


  • virtualConsole.sendTo now returns this, allowing for a nice shorthand. (jeffcarp)


  • Added postMessage support, for communicating between parent windows, iframes, and combinations thereof. It's missing a few semantics, especially around origins, as well as MessageEvent source. Objects are not yet structured cloned, but instead passed by reference. But it's working, and awesome! (jeffcarp)
  • Rewrote cloning code (underlying cloneNode and importNode), fixing a number of issues:
    • Elements with weird tag names, of the type that only the parser can normally create, can now be cloned (#1142)
    • Doctypes can now be cloned, per the latest spec.
    • Attrs cannot be cloned, per the latest spec (although they still have a cloneNode method for now due to legacy).
    • Document clones now correctly copy over the URL and content-type.
  • Fixed any virtual console output from iframes to be proxied to the parent window's virtual console. (jeffcarp)
  • Fixed the type property of <button> elements to correctly default to submit, and to stay within the allowed range.
  • Fixed clicking on submit <button>s to submit their containing form; previously only <input type="submit"> worked. (rxgx)
  • Fixed to return this, per spec. (ryanseddon)

Additionally, Joris-van-der-Wel added a benchmarking framework, and a number of benchmarks, which should help us avoid performance regressions going forward, and also make targeted performance fixes. We're already investigating some real-world issues using this framework. Very exciting!


  • Incorporated upstream fix for setting to an invalid value, which should be ignored instead of causing an error to be thrown. This same bug has also caused an error while setting the style attribute to an invalid value, ever since 5.4.0. (Joris-van-der-Wel; chad3814 upstream)


  • Fixed license metadata to conform to latest npm standards.


  • Fixed to work with browserify again (regression introduced in v5.4.0).


This is a pretty exciting release! It includes a couple features I never really anticipated jsdom being awesome enough to have, but our wonderful contributors powered through and made them happen anyway:

  • Added support for the default HTML stylesheet when using window.getComputedStyle! (akhaku)
    • Notably, this makes jQuery's show() and hide() methods now work correctly; see #994.
  • Added support for named properties on window: any elements with an id attribute, or certain elements with a name attribute, will cause properties to show up on the window, and thus as global variables within the jsdom. (Joris-van-der-Wel)
    • Although this is fairly unfortunate browser behavior, it's standardized and supported everywhere, so the fact that jsdom now supports this too means we can run a lot of scripts that would previously fail.
    • Previously, we only supported this for <iframe>s, and our implementation was quite buggy: e.g., <iframe name="addEventListener"> would override window.addEventListener.
    • Now that we have the infrastructure in place, we anticipate expanding our support so that this works on e.g. HTMLFormElements as well in the future.

We also have a bunch more fixes and additions:

  • Implemented the NonDocumentTypeChildNode mixin. Practically, this means adding nextElementSibling and previousElementSibling to Element and the various types of CharacterData. (brandon-bethke-neudesic)
  • Updated StyleSheetList to inherit from Array, as per the latest CSSOM spec.
  • Overhauled the handling of attributes throughout the DOM, to follow the spec more exactly.
    • Our NamedNodeMap implementation is up to date, as are the various Element methods; other places in the code that deal with attributes now all go through a spec-compliant set of helpers.
    • Some weirdnesses around the style attribute were fixed along the way; see e.g. #1109.
    • However, Attr objects themselves are not yet spec-compliant (e.g., they still inherit from Node). That's coming soon.
  • Fixed an unfortunate bug where getElementById would fail to work correctly on <img> elements whose id attributes were modified. (Joris-van-der-Wel)
  • Fixed the virtualConsole option to work with jsdom.env, not just jsdom.jsdom. (jeffcarp)
  • Removed a few functions that were erroneously added to window: mapper, mapDOMNodes, and visitTree. (Joris-van-der-Wel)


  • Added a virtualConsole option to the document creation methods, along with the jsdom.createVirtualConsole factory. (See examples in the readme.) With this option you can install a virtual console before the document is even created, thus allowing you to catch any virtual console events that occur during initialization. (jeffcarp)


  • Implemented much of the ParentNode mixin (Joris-van-der-Wel):
    • Moved children from Node to ParentNode, i.e., made it available on Document, DocumentFragment, and Element, but not other types of nodes.
    • Made children a HTMLCollection instead of a NodeList.
    • Implemented firstElementChild, lastElementChild, and childElementCount.
  • Implemented the outerHTML setter. (Joris-van-der-Wel)
  • Fixed the outerHTML getter for <select> and <form>. (Joris-van-der-Wel)
  • Fixed various issues with window-less documents, so that they no longer give incorrect results or blow up in strange ways. You can create such documents with e.g. document.implementation.createHTMLDocument(). (Joris-van-der-Wel)
  • Fixed relative stylesheet resolution when using @import. (dbo)


  • Added support for the NodeIterator class from the DOM Standard. (Joris-van-der-Wel)
  • Fixed an issue with the initial request where it was not sharing its cookie jar with the subsequent requests, sometimes leading to a "possible EventEmitter memory leak detected" warning. (inikulin)
  • Updated tough-cookie to 0.13.0, bringing along many spec compliance fixes. (inikulin)
  • Added a fast failure in Node.js™ with a clear error message, so that people don't get confused by syntax errors.


  • Fixed document.cookie setter to no longer ignore null; instead it correctly sets a cookie of "null". (Chrome is not compliant to the spec in this regard.)
  • Fixed documents created with parsingMode: "xml" to no longer get "<html><head></head><body></body></html>" automatically inserted when calling jsdom.jsdom() with no arguments.
  • Fixed the innerHTML setter to no longer ignore undefined; instead it correctly sets the innerHTML to "undefined".
  • Fixed document.write to throw for XML documents as per the spec.
  • Fixed document.write to accept more than one argument (they get concatenated).
  • Fixed document.write("") to no longer try to write "<html><head></head><body></body></html>".


This release overhauls how cookies are handled in jsdom to be less fiddly and more like-a-browser. The work for this was done by @inikulin, who is also our beloved parse5 maintainer.

You should only need to worry about upgrading to this release if you use jsdom's cookie handling capabilities beyond the basics of reading and writing to document.cookie. If that describes you, here's what changed:

  • Removed options.jar and options.document.cookieDomain from the configuration for creating jsdom documents.
  • Instead, there is now a new option, options.cookieJar, which accepts cookie jars created by the new jsdom.createCookieJar() API. You should use this if you intend to share cookie jars among multiple jsdom documents.
  • Within a given cookie jar, cookie access is now automatically handled on a domain basis, as the browser does, with the domain calculated from the document's URL (supplied as options.url when creating a document). This supplants the former options.document.cookieDomain.

In addition to these changes to the public API, the following new cookie-related features came along for the ride:

  • Implemented automatic cookie-jar sharing with descendant <iframe>s. (So, if the iframe is same-domain, it can automatically access the appropriate cookies.)
  • Let options.document.cookie accept arrays, instead of just strings, for if you want to set multiple cookies at once.

Finally, it's worth noting that we now delegate our cookie handling in general to the tough-cookie package, which should hopefully mean that it now captures many of the behaviors that were previously missing (for example #1027). @inikulin is working on a large pull request to fix tough-cookie to be more spec compliant, which should automatically be picked up by jsdom installs once it is merged.


  • Removed unnecessary browserify dependency that was erroneously included in 4.5.0.


  • Added document.currentScript. (jeffcarp)


  • All resources are now loaded with the request package, which means that e.g. GZIPped resources will be properly uncompressed, redirects will be followed, and more. This was previously the case only for URLs passed directly to jsdom.env, and not for sub-resources inside the resulting page. (ssesha)


  • Made the click behavior for radio buttons and checkboxes work when doing el.dispatchEvent(clickEvent), not just when doing (brandon-bethke-neudesic)
  • Added defaultPrevented property to Event instances, reflecting whether ev.preventDefault() has been called. (brandon-bethke-neudesic)
  • Moved the click() method from HTMLInputElement.prototype to HTMLElement.prototype, per the latest spec.
  • Made the click() method trigger a MouseEvent instead of just an Event.


  • Added a second parameter to UIEvent, MouseEvent, and MutationEvent, which for now just behaves the same as that for Event. (Rich-Harris)


  • Added a second parameter to the Event constructor, which allows you to set the bubbles and cancelable properties. (brandon-bethke-neudesic)


  • Added HTMLUnknownElement and fix the parser/document.createElement to create those instead of HTMLElement for unknown elements.
  • Fixed issues with named and indexed properties on window, as well as window.length, with regard to <frame>s/<iframe>s being added and removed from the document.

Note: this probably should have been a minor version number increment (i.e. 4.1.0 instead of 4.0.5), since it added HTMLUnknownElement. We apologize for the deviation from semver.


  • Fixed parsing of doctypes by relying on the information provided by the html parser if possible.


  • Fixed events fired from EventTargets to execute their handlers in FIFO order, as per the spec.
  • Fixed a case where childNodes would not be correctly up to date in some cases. (medikoo)
  • Sped up window creation with jsdom.env by ~600%, for the special case when no scripts are to be executed.


  • EventTarget is now correctly in the prototype chain of Window.
  • EventTarget argument validation is now correct according to the DOM Standard.
  • DOMException now behaves more like it should per Web IDL. In particular it has a more comprehensive set of constants, and instances now have name properties.
  • new Event("click") can now be dispatched. (lovebear)
  • document.createEvent now behaves more like it should according to the DOM Standard: it accepts a wider range of arguments, but will throw if an invalid one is given. (lovebear)
  • Fixed a regression in our browser support that required Chrome 41 as of 4.0.1; now Chrome 40 will work, as well as (in theory, although less well-tested) the latest stable versions of Firefox and IE.


  • Fixed: Node.prototype.contains to always return a boolean. This was a regression in 3.1.1. (Joris-van-der-Wel)
  • Fixed: Document.prototype no longer contains its own ownerDocument getter, instead correctly delegating to Node.prototype.
  • Fixed: some edge cases regarding running <script>s in browserified jsdom.
  • A couple fixes from updated dependencies (although you would have gotten these anyway with a fresh install, due to floating version specifiers):
    • csstyle minimum version bumped from 0.2.21 to 0.2.23, fixing handling of 0 when setting numeric CSS properties and parsing of shorthand font declarations.
    • parse5 minimum version bumped from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2 to, fixing the parsing of <form> elements inside <template> elements.


This release relies on the newly-overhauled vm module of io.js to eliminate the Contextify native module dependency. jsdom should now be much easier to use and install, without requiring a C++ compiler toolchain!

Note that as of this release, jsdom no longer works with Node.js™, and instead requires io.js. You are still welcome to install a release in the 3.x series if you are stuck on legacy technology like Node.js™.

In the process of rewriting parts of jsdom to use vm, a number of related fixes were made regarding the Window object:

  • In some cases, state was implicitly shared between Window instances—especially parser- and serializer-related state. This is no longer the case, thankfully.
  • A number of properties of Window were updated for spec compliance: some data properties became accessors, and all methods moved from the prototype to the instance.
  • The non-standard document.parentWindow was removed, in favor of the standard document.defaultView. Our apologies for encouraging use of parentWindow in our README, tests, and examples.


  • Some fixes to the NOT_IMPLEMENTED internal helper, which should eliminate the cases where calling e.g. window.alert crashes your application.
  • Fixed a global variable leak when triggering NOT_IMPLEMENTED methods, like window.location.reload.
  • Fixed the URL resolution algorithm to handle about:blank properly on all systems (previously it only worked on Windows). This is especially important since as of 3.0.0 the default URL is about:blank.
  • Fixed, at least partially, the ability to run <script>s inside a browserified jsdom instance. This is done by dynamically rewriting the source code so that global variable references become explicit references to window.variableName, so it is not foolproof.


  • Updated Node.prototype.isEqualNode to the algorithm of the DOM Standard, fixing a bug where it would throw an error along the way.
  • Removed Node.prototype.isSameNode, which is not present in the DOM Standard (and was just a verbose === check anyway).
  • Fixed a couple small issues while browserifying, mainly around jsdom.env. However, while doing so discovered that <script>s in general don't work too well in a browserified jsdom; see #1023.



  • Fixed some stray byte-order marks in a couple files, which incidentally break Browserify. (sterpe)


  • Fixed another edge case where unchecking a radio button would incorrectly uncheck radio buttons outside the containing form. (zpao)


  • Fixed errors when serializing text nodes (possibly only occurred when inside <template>).
  • Handle null bytes being passed to jsdom.env's autodetecting capabilities. (fluffybunnies)
  • Handle empty HTML strings being passed to jsdom.env's html option. (fluffybunnies)


This release updates large swathes of the DOM APIs to conform to the standard, mostly by removing old stuff. It also fixes a few bugs, introduces a couple new features, and changes some defaults.

3.0.x will be the last release of jsdom to support Node.js. All future releases (starting with 4.0.0) will require io.js, whose new vm module will allow us to remove our contextify native-module dependency. (Given that I submitted the relevant patch to joyent/node 1.5 years ago, I'm very excited that we can finally use it!)

  • By default documents now use about:blank as their URL, instead of trying to infer some type of file URL from the call site (in Node.js) or using location.href (in browsers).
  • Introduced a new "virtual console" abstraction for capturing console output from inside the page. See the readme for more information. Note that console.error will no longer contribute to the (non-standard, and likely dying in the future) window.errors array. (jeffcarp)
  • Added the named new Image(width, height) constructor. (vinothkr)
  • Fixed an exception when using querySelector with selectors like div:last-child > span[title].
  • Removed all traces of entities, entity types, notations, default attributes, and CDATA sections.
  • Differentiated between XML and HTML documents better, for example in how they handle the casing of tag names and attributes.
  • Updated DOMImplementation to mostly work per-spec, including removing addFeature and removeFeature methods, the ownerDocument property, and making hasFeature always return true.
  • Re-did the CharacterData implementation to follow the algorithms in the DOM Standard; this notably removes a few exceptions that were previously thrown.
  • Re-did Comment, Text, and ProcessingInstruction to follow the DOM Standard and derive from CharacterData.
  • Re-did DocumentType to follow the DOM Standard and be much simpler, notably removing notations, entities, and default attributes.
  • Fixed a variety of accessors on Node, Element, Attr, and Document; some were removed that were nonstandard (especially setters); others were updated to reflect the spec; etc.
  • Re-did name/qname validation, which is done by various APIs, to work with the xml-name-validator package and some centralized algorithms.
  • Made the XML parser at least somewhat aware of processing instructions.
  • Cleaned up doctype parsing and association between doctypes and documents. More exotic doctypes should parse better now.
  • document.contentType now is generally inferred from the parsing mode of the document.
  • Moved some properties to Document.prototype and Window.prototype instead of setting them as own properties during the document/window creation. This should improve memory usage (as well as spec compliance).


This release is largely a refactoring release to remove the defunct concept of "levels" from jsdom, in favor of the living standard model that browsers follow. Although the code is still organized that way, that's now noted as a historical artifact. The public API changes while doing so were fairly minimal, but this sets the stage for a cleaner jsdom code structure going forward.

  • Removed: jsdom.level, and the level option from jsdom.jsdom.
  • Change: the nonstandard Element.prototype.matchesSelector method was replaced with the standard Element.prototype.matches. (KenPowers)
  • Fix: querySelector correctly coerces its argument to a string (1.2.2 previously fixed this for querySelectorAll).


  • Add: missing window.console methods, viz. assert, clear, count, debug, group, groupCollapse, groupEnd, table, time, timeEnd, and trace. All except assert do nothing for now, but see #979 for future plans. (jeffcarp)
  • Tweak: make childNodes, and the many places in jsdom that use it, much faster. (Joris-van-der-Wel)


  • Tweak: faster implementation of NodeList.prototype.length, which should speed up common operations like appendChild and similar. (Joris-van-der-Wel)


  • Fix: HTMLInputElement.prototype.checked and defaultChecked now behave per the spec. (Joris-van-der-Wel)
  • Fix: HTMLOptionElement.prototype.selected now behaves per the spec. (Joris-van-der-Wel)
  • Fix: HTMLInputElement.prototype.value now behaves per the spec. (Joris-van-der-Wel)
  • Fix: HTMLTextAreaElement.prototype.value and defaultValue now behave per the spec. (Joris-van-der-Wel)
  • Add: HTMLTextAreaElement.prototype.defaultValue now has a setter, and HTMLTextAreaElement.prototype.textLength now exists. (Joris-van-der-Wel)
  • Fix: resetting a <form> now behaves per spec for all different types of form elements. (Joris-van-der-Wel)
  • Fix: radio buttons reset other radio buttons correctly now per the spec. (Joris-van-der-Wel)
  • Fix: document.cloneNode now works. (AVGP)
  • Fix: hasAttribute is now case-insensitive, as it should be. (AVGP)
  • Fix: div.toString() now returns [object HTMLDivElement]. (AVGP)


  • Fix: check if module.parent exists before using it to construct a document's initial URL. Apparently some testing frameworks like Jest do not correctly emulate the module environment; this compensates. (SegFaultx64)


  • Fix: changing attributes on <option> elements will now have the correct consequences. For example changing the id attribute now interacts correctly with document.getElementById. (Joris-van-der-Wel)


  • Add: moved focus and blur methods to HTMLElement.prototype, instead of having them only be present on certain element prototypes. Our focus story is still not very spec-compliant, but this is a step in the right direction. (vincentsiao)


  • Tweak: improve performance of Node.prototype.insertBefore, Node.prototype.removeChild, and several AttributeList methods. (Joris-van-der-Wel)


  • Fix: querySelectorAll correctly coerces its argument to a string; notably this allows you to pass arrays. (jeffcarp)
  • Fix: the data setter on text nodes correctly coerces the new value to a string. (medikoo)
  • Fix: document.toString() now returns [object HTMLDocument]. (jeffcarp)


  • Fix: handling of <template> element parsing and serialization, now that it is supported by parse5. (inikulin)


  • Add: NodeFilter, in particular its constants. (fhemberger)
  • Fix: initial history.length should be 1, not 0. (rgrove)
  • Fix: history.pushState and history.replaceState should not fire the popstate event. (rgrove)


  • Add: document.implementation.createHTMLDocument(). (fhemberger)
  • Fix: localName was sometimes null for elements when it should not be. (fhemberger)


  • Update: no longer requiring separate cssstyle and cssstyle-browserify dependencies; now cssstyle can be used directly. This also un-pins the cssstyle dependency so that future fixes arrive as they appear upstream.


  • Fix: temporarily pin cssstyle dependency to at most 0.2.18 until chad3814/CSSStyleDeclaration#20 is fixed.
  • Fix: browserifying jsdom should work better now that the required packages are included as dependencies instead of devDependencies. (Sebmaster)
  • Fix: using jsdom.env in a browser environment now correctly defaults options.url to location.href instead of trying to infer a reasonable fil:// URL using techniques that fail in the browser. (rattrayalex)


  • Fix: the return value of EventTarget.prototype.dispatchEvent should be true when the default is not prevented; previously it was the opposite. (eventualbuddha)


For a consolidated list of changes from 0.11.1 to 1.0.0, see this wiki page.

  • Remove: nonstandard EventTarget.getListeners; EventTarget.forwardIterator; EventTarget.backwardIterator; EventTarget.singleIterator.
  • Remove: nonstandard document.innerHTML. (jorendorff)
  • Fix: value and defaultValue properties of a HTMLInputElement are now correctly synced to the value="" attribute. (Sebmaster)


  • Remove: support for old, untested HTML and XML parsers, namely davglass/node-htmlparser and isaacs/sax-js. In the future we plan to work toward a standardized parsing interface that other parsers can implement, instead of adding custom code to jsdom for various parsers. This interface still is being decided though, as it needs to support complex things like pausing the parse stream (for document.write) and parsing disconnected fragments (for document.innerHTML). (Sebmaster)
  • Add: new parsingMode configuration, to allow you to manually specify XML or HTML. (Sebmaster)
  • Change: jsdom will no longer use the presence of <?xml or similar to attempt to auto-detect XHTML documents. Instead, it will by default treat them the same as browsers do, with the <?xml declaration just being a bogus comment. If you need your document interpreted as XHTML instead of HTML, use the parsingMode option. (Sebmaster)
  • Tweak: memoize various DOM-querying functions (e.g. getElementsByTagName, querySelector, etc.) to improve performance. (ccarpita)


  • Fix: another parsing issues with void elements and innerHTML, this time related to disconnected nodes. This was a regression between 0.11.1 and 1.0.0-pre.1. (paton)
  • Fix: same-named radio inputs should not be mutually exclusive unless they are in the same form. (stof)


  • Fix: sometimes calling window.close() would cause a segfault. (paton)


  • Fix: attributes and elements now have their prefix, localName, and namespaceURI properties set correctly in all cases. (Excepting application/xhtml+xml mode, which jsdom does not support yet.) (Sebmaster)


  • Fix: void elements no longer parsed correctly when using innerHTML. This was a regression between 0.11.1 and 1.0.0-pre.1. (Sebmaster)


  • Fix: parsing and serialization of attributes in the form x:y, e.g. xmlns:xlink or xlink:href. This was a regression between 0.11.1 and 1.0.0-pre.1. (Sebmaster)


This is a prerelease of jsdom's first major version. It incorporates several great additions, as well as a general cleanup of the API surface, which make it more backward-incompatible than usual. Starting with the 1.0.0 release, we will be following semantic versioning, so that you can depend on stability within major version ranges. But we still have a few more issues before we can get there, so I don't want to do 1.0.0 quite yet.

This release owes a special thanks to @Sebmaster, for his amazing work taking on some of the hardest problems in jsdom and solving them with gusto.

Major changes

  • jsdom now can be browserified into a bundle that works in web workers! This is highly experimental, but also highly exciting! (lawnsea)
  • An overhaul of the initialization lifecycle, to bring more control and address common use cases. (Sebmaster)
  • The excellent parse5 HTML parser is now the default parser, fixing many parsing bugs and giving us full, official-test-suite-passing HTML parsing support. This especially impacts documents that didn't include optional tags like <html>, <head>, or <body> in their source. We also use parse5 for serialization, fixing many bugs there. (Sebmaster)
  • As part of the new parser story, we are not supporting XML for now. It might work if you switch to a different parser (e.g. htmlparser2), but in the end, HTML and XML are very different, and we are not attempting to be an XML DOM. That said, we eventually want to support XML to the same extent browsers do (i.e., support XHTML and SVG, with an appropriate MIME type switch); this is being planned in #820.

Removed jsdom APIs

  • jsdom.createWindow: use document.parentWindow after creating a document
  • jsdom.html: use jsdom.jsdom
  • jsdom.version: use require("jsdom/package.json").version
  • jsdom.level: levels are deprecated and will probably be removed in 2.0.0
  • jsdom.dom
  • jsdom.browserAugmentation
  • jsdom.windowAugmentation

Changed jsdom APIs

Removed non-standard DOM APIs

  • document.createWindow: use document.parentWindow
  • document.innerHTML and document.outerHTML: use the new jsdom.serializeDocument to include the DOCTYPE, or use document.documentElement.outerHTML to omit it.

Other fixes

  • Allow empty strings to be passed to jsdom.env. (michaelmior)
  • Fix for a memory leak in EventTarget.prototype.dispatchEvent. (Joris-van-der-Wel)
  • Make event listeners in the capture phase also fire on the event target. (Joris-van-der-Wel)
  • Correctly reset eventPhase and currentTarget on events, before and after a dispatch. (Joris-van-der-Wel)
  • Fix document.cookie = null to not throw, but instead just do nothing. (kapouer)


  • Add: Node.prototype.parentElement. (lukasbuenger)
  • Fix: attributes that are reflected as properties should be '' when not present, instead of null. (Note that getAttribute still returns null for them). (thejameskyle)
  • Fix: textContent now works for nodes that do not have children, like text nodes for example. (hayes)
  • Fix: jsdom.jQueryify was using the wrong URL for jQuery by default. (lukasbuenger)


  • Add: new default level, living, reflecting our focus on the DOM Living Standard and the HTML Living Standard, which are what browsers actually implement. This should open the door for more features of the modern DOM and HTML specs to be implemented in jsdom. (robotlovesyou)
  • Add: Node.prototype.contains now implemented. (robotlovesyou)
  • Add: navigator.cookieEnabled now implemented; it always returns true. (Sebmaster)
  • Change: DOCTYPEs no longer have their name property uppercased during parsing, and appear in the output of document.innerHTML.
  • Fix: Node.prototype.compareDocumentPosition implemented correctly; various document position constants added to the Node constructor. (robotlovesyou)
  • Fix: DocumentType.prototype.parentNode now returns the document node, not null. (robotlovesyou)
  • Fix: various navigator properties are now getters, not data properties. (Sebmaster)
  • Fix: a bug involving invalid script paths and jsdom.jQueryify. (Sebmaster)


  • Add: remaining URL properties to window.location and HTMLAnchorElement.
  • Fix: the presence of String.prototype.normalize, which is available by default in Node 0.11.13 onwards, caused reflected attributes to break. (brock8503)
  • Fix: iframes now correctly load about:blank when the src attribute is empty or missing. (mcmathja)
  • Fix: documents containing only whitespace now correctly generate wrapper documents, just like blank documents do. (nikolas)
  • Tweak: lazy-load the request module, to improve overall jsdom loading time. (tantaman)


  • Fix: the list of void elements has been updated to match the latest HTML spec.
  • Fix: when serializing void elements, don't include a /: i.e. the result is now <br> instead of <br />.


  • Fix: another case was found where jQuery 1.11's show() method would cause errors.
  • Add: querySelector and querySelectorAll methods to DocumentFragments. (Joris-van-der-Wel)


  • Fix: various defaults on HTMLAnchorElement and window.location should not be null; they should usually be the empty string.


  • Fix: Using jQuery 1.11's show() method would cause an error to be thrown.
  • Fix: window.location properties were not updating correctly after using pushState or replaceState. (toomanydaves)


  • Fix: window.location.port should default to "", not null. (bpeacock)


  • Add: a more complete document.cookie implementation, that supports multiple cookies. Note that options like path, max-age, etc. are still ignored. (dai-shi)


  • Add: implement attribute ordering semantics from WHATWG DOM spec, and in general overhaul attribute storage implementation to be much more awesome and accurate. (lddubeau)
  • Add: port and protocol to HTMLAnchorElement. (sporchia)
  • Fix: make HTMLInputElement not have a type attribute by default. It still has a default value for the type property, viz. "text". (aredridel)
  • Fix: treat empty namespace URI as meaning "no namespace" with the getAttributeNS, hasAttributeNS, and setAttributeNS functions. (lddubeau)
  • Fix: reference typed arrays in a way that doesn't immediately break on Node 0.6. Node 0.6 isn't supported in general, though. (kangax)


  • Add: store and use cookies between requests; customizable cookie jars also possible. (stockholmux)
  • Fix: attributes named the same as prototype properties of NamedNodeMap no longer break jsdom. (papandreou)
  • Fix: removeAttributeNS should not throw on missing attributes. (lddubeau)
  • Change: remove __proto__, __defineGetter__, and __defineSetter__ usage, as part of a project to make jsdom work better across multiple environments. (lawnsea)


  • Add: hash property to HTMLAnchorElement. (fr0z3nk0)


  • Upgrade: cssom to 0.3.0, adding support for @-moz-document and fixing a few other issues.
  • Upgrade: cssstyle to 0.2.6, adding support for many shorthand properties and better unit handling.


  • Fix: avoid repeated NodeList.prototype.length calculation, for a speed improvement. (peller)


  • Add: host property to HTMLAnchorElement. (sporchia)


  • Fix: stop accidentally modifying Error.prototype. (mitar)
  • Add: a dummy getBoundingClientRect method, that returns 0 for all properties of the rectangle, is now implemented. (F1LT3R)


  • Add: href property on CSSStyleSheet instances for external CSS files. (FrozenCow)


  • Add: typed array constructors on the window. (nlacasse)
  • Fix: querySelector and querySelectorAll should be on the prototypes of Element and Document, not own-properties. (mbostock)


  • Fix: when auto-detecting whether the first parameter to jsdom.env is a HTML string or a filename, deal with long strings correctly instead of erroring. (baryshev)


  • Add: basic window.history support, including back, forward, go, pushState, and replaceState. (ralphholzmann)
  • Add: if an <?xml?> declaration starts the document, will try to parse as XML, e.g. not lowercasing the tags. (robdodson)
  • Fix: tag names passed to createElement are coerced to strings before evaluating.

0.8.1 (hotfix)

  • Fix: a casing issue that prevented jsdom from loading on Unix and Solaris systems. (dai-shi)
  • Fix: window.location.replace was broken. (dai-shi)
  • Fix: update minimum htmlparser2 version, to ensure you get the latest parsing-related bugfixes.


  • Add: working XMLHttpRequest support, including cookie passing! (dai-shi)
  • Add: there is now a window.navigator.noUI property that evaluates to true, if you want to specifically distinguish jsdom in your tests.


  • Change: the logic when passing jsdom.env a string is more accurate, and you can be explicit by using the html, url, or file properties. This is a breaking change in the behavior of html, which used to do the same auto-detection logic as the string-only version.
  • Fix: errors raised in scripts are now passed to jsdom.env's callback. (airportyh)
  • Fix: set window.location.href correctly when using jsdom.env to construct a window from a URL, when that URL causes a redirect. (fegs)
  • Add: a more complete and accurate window.location object, which includes firing hashchange events when the hash is changed. (dai-shi)
  • Add: when using a non-implemented feature, mention exactly what it was that is not implemented in the error message. (papandreou)


  • Fix: custom attributes whose names were the same as properties of Object.prototype, e.g. "constructor", would confuse jsdom massively.


  • Fix: CSS selectors which contain commas inside quotes are no longer misinterpreted. (chad3814)
  • Add: <img> elements now fire load events when their src attributes are changed. (kapouer)


  • Fix: better automatic detection of URLs vs. HTML fragments when using jsdom.env. (jden)


  • Fix: URL resolution to be amazing and extremely browser-compatible, including the interplay between the document's original URL, any <base> tags that were set, and any relative hrefs. This impacts many parts of jsdom having to do with external resources or accurate href and src attributes. (deitch)
  • Add: access to frames and iframes via named properties. (adrianlang)
  • Fix: node-canvas integration, which had been broken since 0.5.7.


  • Make the code parseable with Esprima. (squarooticus)
  • Use the correct package.json field "repository" instead of "repositories" to prevent npm warnings. (jonathanong)


Integrated a new HTML parser, htmlparser2, from fb55. This is an actively maintained and much less buggy parser, fixing many of our parsing issues, including:

  • Parsing elements with optional closing tags, like <p> or <td>.
  • The innerHTML of <script> tags no longer cuts off the first character.
  • Empty attributes now have "" as their value instead of the attribute name.
  • Multiline attributes no longer get horribly mangled.
  • Attribute names can now be any value allowed by HTML5, including crazy things like ^.
  • Attribute values can now contain any value allowed by HTML5, including e.g. > and <.


  • Fix: make event handlers attached via on<event> more spec-compatible, supporting return false and passing the event argument. (adrianlang)
  • Fix: make the getter for textContent more accurate, e.g. in cases involving comment nodes or processing instruction nodes. (adrianlang)
  • Fix: make <canvas> behave like a <div> when the node-canvas package isn't available, instead of crashing. (stepheneb)


  • Fix: on<event> properties are correctly updated when using setAttributeNode, attributeNode.value =, removeAttribute, and removeAttributeNode; before it only worked with setAttribute. (adrianlang)
  • Fix: HTMLCollections now have named properties based on their members' id and name attributes, e.g. form.elements.inputId is now present. (adrianlang)


  • Fix: readOnly and selected properties were not correct when their attribute values were falsy, e.g. <option selected="">. (adrianlang)


This release, and all future releases, require at least Node.js 0.8.

  • Add: parser can now be set via jsdom.env configuration. (xavi-)
  • Fix: accessing rowIndex for table rows that are not part of a table would throw. (medikoo)
  • Fix: several places in the code accidentally created global variables, or referenced nonexistant values. (xavi-)
  • Fix: <img> elements' src properties now evaluate relative to location.href, just like <a> elements' href properties. (brianmaissy)


This release is compatible with Node.js 0.6, whereas all future releases will require at least Node.js 0.8.

  • Fix: getAttributeNS now returns null for attributes that are not present, just like getAttribute. (mbostock)
  • Change: "request" dependency pinned to version 2.14 for Node.js 0.6 compatibility.


  • Fix: stylesheets with @-webkit-keyframes rules were crashing calls to getComputedStyle.
  • Fix: handling of features option to jsdom.env.
  • Change: retain the value of the style attribute until the element's style property is touched. (papandreou)


  • Fix: selectedIndex now changes correctly in response to <option> elements being selected. This makes <select> elements actually work like you would want, especially with jQuery. (xcoderzach)
  • Fix: checked works correctly on radio buttons, i.e. only one can be checked and clicking on one does not uncheck it. Previously they worked just like checkboxes. (xcoderzach)
  • Fix: click() on <input> elements now fires a click event. (xcoderzach)


  • Fix: Make contextify a non-optional dependency. jsdom never worked without it, really, so this just caused confusion.


  • Fix: selected now returns true for the first <option> in a <select> if nothing is explicitly set.
  • Fix: tweaks to accuracy and speed of the querySelectorAll implementation.

0.4.1 (hotfix)

  • Fix: crashes when loading HTML files with <a> tags with no href attribute. (eleith)


  • Fix: getAttribute now returns null for attributes that are not present, as per DOM4 (but in contradiction to DOM1 through DOM3).
  • Fix: static NodeList-returning methods (such as querySelectorAll) now return a real NodeList instance.
  • Change: NodeLists no longer expose nonstandard properties to the world, like toArray, without first prefixing them with an underscore.
  • Change: NodeLists no longer inconsistently have array methods. Previously, live node lists would have indexOf, while static node lists would have them all. Now, they have no array methods at all, as is correct per the specification.


  • Fix: stylesheets with @media rules were crashing calls to getComputedStyle, e.g. those in jQuery's initialization.


  • Fix: make document.write calls insert new elements correctly. (johanoverip, kblomquist).
  • Fix: <input> tags with no type attribute now return a default value of "text" when calling inputEl.getAttribute("type").


  • Fix: stylesheets with "joining" rules (i.e. those containing comma-separated selectors) now apply when using getComputedStyle. (chad3814, godmar)
  • Add: support for running the tests using @aredridel's html5 parser, as a prelude toward maybe eventually making this the default and fixing various parsing bugs.

0.3.1 (hotfix)

  • Fix: crashes when invalid selectors were present in stylesheets.


  • Fix: a real querySelector implementation, courtesy of the nwmatcher project, solves many outstanding querySelector bugs.
  • Add: matchesSelector, again via nwmatcher.
  • Add: support for styles coming from <style> and <link rel="stylesheet"> elements being applied to the results of window.getComputedStyle. (chad3814)
  • Add: basic implementation of focus() and blur() methods on appropriate elements. More work remains.
  • Fix: script filenames containing spaces will now work when passed to jsdom.env. (TomNomNom)
  • Fix: elements with IDs toString, hasOwnProperty, etc. could cause lots of problems.
  • Change: A window's load event always fires asynchronously now, even if no external resources are necessary.
  • Change: turning off mutation events is not supported, since doing so breaks external-resource fetching.


  • Fix: URL resolution was broken on pages that included href-less <base> tags.
  • Fix: avoid putting attr in the global scope when using node-canvas. (starsquare)
  • Add: New SkipExternalResources feature accepts a regular expression. (fgalassi)


  • Un-revert: cssstyle has fixed its memory problems, so we get back accurate cssText and style properties again.

0.2.17 (hotfix)

  • Revert: had to revert the use of the cssstyle package. cssText and style properties are no longer as accurate.
  • Fix: cssstyle was causing out-of-memory errors on some larger real-world pages, e.g.


  • Update: Sizzle version updated to circa September 2012.
  • Fix: when setting a text node's value to a falsy value, convert it to a string instead of coercing it to "".
  • Fix: Use the cssstyle package for CSSStyleDeclaration, giving much more accurate cssText and style properties on all elements. (chad3814)
  • Fix: the checked property on checkboxes and radiobuttons now reflects the attribute correctly.
  • Fix: HTMLOptionElement's text property should return the option's text, not its value.
  • Fix: make the name property only exist on certain specific tags, and accurately reflect the corresponding name attribute.
  • Fix: don't format outerHTML (especially important for <pre> elements).
  • Fix: remove the value property from Text instances (e.g. text nodes).
  • Fix: don't break in the presence of a String.prototype.normalize method, like that of sugar.js.
  • Fix: include level3/xpath correctly.
  • Fix: many more tests passing, especially related to file:/// URLs on Windows. Tests can now be run with npm test.


  • Fix: make sure that doctypes don't get set as the documentElement (Aria Stewart)
  • Add: HTTP proxy support for jsdom.env (Eugene Ware)
  • Add: .hostname and .pathname properties to Anchor elements to comply with WHATWG standard (Avi Deitcher)
  • Fix: Only decode HTML entities in text when not inside a <script> or <style> tag. (Andreas Lind Petersen)
  • Fix: HTMLSelectElement single selection implemented its type incorrectly as 'select' instead of 'select-one' (John Roberts)


  • Fix: when serializing single tags use ' />' instead of '/>' (kapouer)
  • Fix: support for contextify simulation using vm.runInContext (trodrigues)
  • Fix: allow jsdom.env's config.html to handle file paths which contain spaces (shinuza)
  • Fix: Isolate QuerySelector from prototype (Nao Iizuka)
  • Add: setting textContent to '' or clears children (Jason Davies)
  • Fix: jsdom.env swallows exceptions that occur in the callback (Xavi)


  • Fix: remove unused style property which was causing explosions in 0.2.12 and node 0.4.7


  • Fix: do not include gmon.out/v8.log/tests in npm distribution


  • Add: allow non-unique element ids (Avi Deitcher)
  • Fix: make contexify an optional dependency (Isaac Schlueter)
  • Add: scripts injected by jsdom are now marked with a 'jsdom' class for serialization's sake (Peter Lyons)
  • Fix: definition for ldquo entity (Andrew Morton)
  • Fix: access NamedNodeMap items via property (Brian McDaniel)
  • Add: upgrade sizzle from 1.0 to fe2f6181 which is roughly 1.5.1
  • Add: documentation now includes jsdom.level(x, 'feature')
  • Fix: make toArray and item on NodeList objects non-enumerable properties
  • Add: a reference to window.close in the readme
  • Fix: Major performance boost (Felix Gnass)
  • Fix: Using querySelector :not() throws a ReferenceError (Felix Gnass)


  • Fix: problems with lax dependency versions
  • Fix: CSSOM constructors are hung off of the dom (Brian McDaniel)
  • Fix: move away from deprecated 'sys' module
  • Fix: attribute event handlers on bubbling path aren't called (Brian McDaniel)
  • Fix: setting textarea.value to markup should not be parsed (Andreas Lind Petersen)
  • Fix: content of script tags should not be escaped (Ken Sternberg)
  • Fix: DocumentFeatures for iframes with no src attribute. (Brian McDaniel) Closes #355
  • Fix: 'trigger' to 'raise' to be a bit more descriptive
  • Fix: When ProcessExternalResources['script'] is disabled, do not run inline event handlers. #355
  • Add: verbose flag to test runner (to show tests as they are running and finishing)


  • Fix: ensure features are properly reset after a jsdom.env invocation. Closes #239
  • Fix: ReferenceError in the scanForImportRules helper function
  • Fix: bug in appendHtmlToElement with HTML5 parser (Brian McDaniel)
  • Add: jsonp support (lheiskan)
  • Fix: for setting script element's text property (Brian McDaniel)
  • Fix: for jsdom.env src bug
  • Add: test for jsdom.env src bug (multiple done calls)
  • Fix: NodeList properties should enumerate like arrays (Felix Gnass)
  • Fix: when downloading a file, include the in file path
  • Add: test for making a jsonp request with jquery from jsdom window
  • Add: test case for issue #338
  • Fix: double load behavior when mixing jsdom.env's scripts and src properties (cjroebuck)

0.2.8 (hotfix)

  • Fix: inline event handlers are ignored by everything except for the javascript context

0.2.7 (hotfix)

  • Fix stylesheet loading


  • Add: support for and document.cookie (Derek Lindahl)
  • Add: jsdom.env now has a document configuration option which allows users to change the referer of the document (Derek Lindahl)
  • Fix: allow users to use different jsdom levels in the same process (sinegar)
  • Fix: removeAttributeNS no longer has a return value (Jason Davies)
  • Add: support for encoding/decoding all html entities from html4/5 (papandreou)
  • Add: jsdom.env() accepts the same features object seen in jsdom.jsdom and friends


  • Fix: serialize special characters in Element.innerHTML/Element.attributes like a grade A browser (Jason Priestley)
  • Fix: ensure Element.getElementById only returns elements that are attached to the document
  • Fix: ensure an Element's id is updated when changing the nodeValue of the 'id' attribute (Felix Gnass)
  • Add: stacktrace to error reporter (Josh Marshall)
  • Fix: events now bubble up to the window (Jason Davies)
  • Add: initial window.location.hash support (Josh Marshall)
  • Add: Node#insertBefore should do nothing when both params are the same node (Jason Davies)
  • Add: fixes for DOMAttrModified mutation events (Felix Gnass)


  • Fix: adding script to invalid/incomplete dom (document.documentElement) now catches the error and passes it in the .env callback (Gregory Tomlinson)
  • Cleanup: trigger and html tests
  • Add: support for inline event handlers (ie: <div onclick='some.horrible.string()'>) (Brian McDaniel)
  • Fix: script loading over https (Brian McDaniel) #280
  • Add: using style.setProperty updates the style attribute (Jimmy Mabey).
  • Add: invalid markup is reported as an error and attached to the associated element and document
  • Fix: crash when setChild() failes to create new DOM element (John Hurliman)
  • Added test for issue #287.
  • Added support for inline event handlers.
  • Moved frame tests to test/window/frame.js and cleaned up formatting.
  • Moved script execution tests to test/window/script.js.
  • Fix a crash when setChild() fails to create a new DOM element
  • Override CSSOM to update style attribute


  • Fix: segfault due to window being garbage collected prematurely NOTE: you must manually close the window to free memory (window.close())


  • Switch to Contextify to manage the window's script execution.
  • Fix: allow nodelists to have a length of 0 and toArray to return an empty array
  • Fix: style serialization; issues #230 and #259
  • Fix: Incomplete DOCTYPE causes JavaScript error
  • Fix: indentation, removed outdated debug code and trailing whitespace.
  • Prevent JavaScript error when parsing incomplete <!DOCTYPE>. Closes #259.
  • Adding a test from brianmcd that ensures that setTimeout callbacks execute in the context of the window
  • Fixes issue 250: make document.parentWindow === window work
  • Added test to ensure that timer callbacks execute in the window context.
  • Fixes 2 issues in ResourceQueue
  • Make frame/iframe load/process scripts if the parent has the features enabled


  • Javascript execution fixes [#248, #163, #179]
  • XPath (Yonathan and Daniel Cassidy)
  • Start of cssom integration (Yonathan)
  • Conversion of tests to nodeunit! (Martin Davis)
  • Added sizzle tests, only failing 3/15
  • Set the title node's textContent rather than its innerHTML #242. (Andreas Lind Petersen)
  • The textContent getter now walks the DOM and extract the text properly. (Andreas Lind Petersen)
  • Empty scripts won't cause jsdom.env to hang #172 (Karuna Sagar)
  • Every document has either a body or a frameset #82. (Karuna Sagar)
  • Added the ability to grab a level by string + feature. ie: jsdom.level(2, 'html') (Aria Stewart)
  • Cleaned up htmlencoding and fixed character (de)entification #147, #177 (Andreas Lind Petersen)
  • htmlencoding.HTMLDecode: Fixed decoding of &lt;, &gt;, &amp;, and &apos;. Closes #147 and #177.
  • Require dom level as a string or object. (Aria Stewart)
  • JS errors ar triggered on the script element, not document. (Yonathan)
  • Added configuration property 'headers' for HTTP request headers. (antonj)
  • Attr.specified is readonly - Karuna Sagar
  • Removed return value from setAttributeNS() #207 (Karuna Sagar)
  • Pass the correct script filename to runInContext. (robin)
  • Add http referrer support for the download() function. (Robin)
  • First attempt at fixing the horrible memory leak via window.stopTimers() (d-ash)
  • Use vm instead of evals binding (d-ash)
  • Add a way to set the encoding of the jsdom.env html request.
  • Fixed various typos/lint problems (d-ash)
  • The first parameter download is now the object returned by URL.parse(). (Robin)
  • Fixed serialization of elements with a style attribute.
  • Added src config option to jsdom.env() (Jerry Sievert)
  • Removed dead code from getNamedItemNS() (Karuna Sagar)
  • Changes to language/javascript so jsdom would work on v0.5.0-pre (Gord Tanner)
  • Correct spelling of "Hierarchy request error" (Daniel Cassidy)
  • Node and Exception type constants are available in all levels. (Daniel Cassidy)
  • Use \n instead of \r\n during serialization
  • Fixed auto-insertion of body/html tags (Adrian Makowski)
  • Adopt unowned nodes when added to the tree. (Aria Stewart)
  • Fix the selected and defaultSelected fields of option element. - Yonathan
  • Fix: EventTarget.getListeners() now returns a shallow copy so that listeners can be safely removed while an event is being dispatched. (Felix Gnass)
  • Added removeEventListener() to DOMWindow (Felix Gnass)
  • Added the ability to pre-load scripts for jsdom.env() (Jerry Sievert)
  • Mutation event tests/fixes (Felix Gnass)
  • Changed HTML serialization code to (optionally) pretty print while traversing the tree instead of doing a regexp-based postprocessing. (Andreas Lind Petersen)
  • Relative and absolute urls now work as expected
  • setNamedItem no longer sets Node.parentNode #153 (Karuna Sagar)
  • Added missing semicolon after entity name - Felix Gnass
  • Added NodeList#indexOf implementation/tests (Karuna Sagar)
  • now works correctly with https and redirects (waslogic)
  • Scheme-less URLs default to the current protocol #87 (Alexander Flatter)
  • Simplification the prevSibling(), appendChild(), insertBefore() and replaceChild() code (Karuna Sagar)
  • Javascript errors use core.Node.trigger (Alexander Flatter)
  • Add core.Document.trigger in level1/core and level2/events; Make DOMWindow.console use it (Alexander Flatter)
  • Resource resolver fixes (Alexander Flatter)
  • Fix serialization of doctypes with new lines #148 (Karuna Sagar)
  • Child nodes are calculated immediately instead of after .length is called #169, #171, #176 (Karuna Sagar)