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Version 24.0.0

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@domenic domenic released this 21 Jan 13:06

This release reverts our selector engine back to nwsapi. As discussed in #3659, the performance regressions from @asamuzakjp/dom-selector turned out to be higher than anticipated. In the future, we can revisit @asamuzakjp/dom-selector after it reaches nwsapi's performance on the two real-world benchmarks provided by the community.

Since reverting to nwsapi causes several functionality regressions, e.g. removing :has() support, we've decided to make this a major version.


  • Small fixes to edge-case behavior of the following properties: input.maxLength, input.minLength, input.size, progress.max, tableCell.colSpan, tableCell.rowSpan, tableCol.span, textArea.cols, textArea.maxLength, textArea.minLength, textArea.rows.