A small Haskell+Elm event scheduling app
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A small Haskell+Elm event scheduling app.

A SPA Made to organise events and days at work - one can login, add events to a list that they would like to (mainly talks that they would like to give), and then an admin can create a Day, describe it in Markdown and drag events into slots throughout the description.



  1. Install Elm 0.18 - There are likely to be a few breakages with newer/older versions. You can probably install this from npm if it is hard to get hold of the correct version from the Elm homepage.
  2. install NPM - NPM 3.10.10 is known to work, but we don't do much with it, so most versions should work.
  3. In the client directory, run npm install to install the required packages, and then npm run build to build everything into the client/build directory.


  1. Install Stack
  2. In the server directory, run stack install
  3. To begin the server, run something like talklicker --static client/build --db server/talklicker.json --port 9090 in the root folder. Alternately, run scripts/run-server.sh to install and run using the above defaults.