Built for Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Consultants. Scaffold a project in seconds using the MEAN Stack 2
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Scaffold your project in seconds using the MEAN Stack

This project is made possible thanks to all of the supporters that are moving their career forward with the MEAN Stack 2 [Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Angular 2].

Full Stack

To all of you, that have no one on your team...

To all those who have failed and have not given up...

To all that know that if you are willing to work, you too can achieve...

I welcome you!

This tool was designed and created for Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Consultants.

This project strongly believes in the Agile Software Development practices.

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

But more than just a practice, this project stands behind even stronger values.

  • This project is safe, meets specifications, passes appropriate tests, and does not diminish the quality of life or diminish privacy.
  • The ultimate effect of this project is to do the public good
  • This project strives for high quality, acceptable cost and a reasonable schedule, ensuring significant tradeoffs are clear to and accepted by all of the core team members.

This is not the perfect arrangement of the MEAN Stack. It exists primarily to get you started quickly with learning and prototyping using the MEAN Stack.

Getting Started

sudo npm install full-stack -g
full-stack init myProjectName

You can learn more about the tool at MEANStack.net

If you are completely new to the MEAN Stack it might be a bit frustrating trying to understand how all of this pieces are put together. I have created a FREE 20-day email course that walks you through the entire stack in just 1 message per day for 20 days.

MEAN Stack 2 Email Course