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Welcome to the C-ESM-EP wiki!

NEWS: the C-ESM-EP v2 is now the default branch!

The new features of v2 compared with v1 is mainly a new structure of the main driver, for better readability and maintenance of the code. The user will also find a more user-friendly code to write personal diagnostics.

The C-ESM-EP v2 now works on Ciclad, at CNRM, CERFACS and on Irene at TGCC.

The C-ESM-EP consists of a set of predefined – community validated (IPSL-CNRM-CERFACS) set of evaluation diagnostics by component/thematic (follow this link to see the standard comparison as example) that can be run typically on a set of climate model simulations during the development phase of an ESM. It provides an efficient way to systematically compare results of different simulations while benefiting from the mechanisms of Atlas Explorer to finess the analysis (choosing the periods for a set of diagnostics, controlling the plot parameters…). The result is a front html page with links to the html pages of the atlases of the different components/thematics.

Atlas Explorer is an easy and flexible way to produce an html page showing climatologies and difference maps (with a reference) on a set of datasets (simulations, models, different periods…). The main goal of the Atlas Explorer is to provide the user with a set of predefined features to assess a variable (plotting parameters, default observational reference) while keeping a lot of control on the diagnostics from only one parameter file.

The C-ESM-EP works on Ciclad and Curie (soon on Irene), and at CNRM.

Scientific content of the C-ESM-EP

All you need to know about the scientific content (available atlases/diagnostics) of the C-ESM-EP: follow this link.

Structure and content of the code of the C-ESM-EP

Everything you need to know about the default (v2) is here.. For v1 (previous version), it's here.

You will find here everything you need to know to run the C-ESM-EP on Ciclad and Curie and at CNRM. And don't forget to subscribe to cesmep-users at !

How to use the C-ESM-EP

Follow the steps below to fully enjoy using the C-ESM-EP!


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