JSettlers Manual

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Our JSettlers is a remake of the original "The Settlers III" game and therefore controls / UI are similar to the original's ones. However, as a lot of work has to be done on the UI. Therefore some elements are still missing but also, some controls have been added. This guide will show you how to play the game.

Furthermore please note that the localization isn't fully implemented yet.

JSettlers - Windows, Linux, Mac

This guide will show you the usage of JSettlers.


The following image shows the current menu.

Image of the menu of JSettlers.

  • "Einzelspielerspiel starten" = "start new single player game": Play against different types of AIs.
  • "Spiel laden" = "load game": This allows you to start a saved singleplayer game (press F2 to save a game).
  • "Einstellungen" = "settings": Here you can configure your multiplayer name.
  • "Neues Netzwerkspiel" = "start new network game": Here you can start a new network game. After you've chosen the map, you'll be shown a list of the players that already joined the game. As soon as all of them are ready, the host can start the game.
  • "Netzwerkspiel beitreten" = "join a multiplayer game": When selecting this option, a list of network games waiting for players, is displayed. Select the game you want to join and continue with the "Start" button in the lower right corner.

In the Game

As soon as you started a game, you'll see the following interface. In the left menu, known from the original game, only the building menu can be used yet.

Image of the newly started game.

  • In the upper left corner, you can see the minimap giving you an overview of the world you know.
    • Left click on a position to change your view there.
    • Right click on a position when having soldiers selected, to move them to the selected position.
  • Saving a game can be done with F2. Please Note: At the moment, saved games can only be resumed as single player games. However, you can save a multiplayer game to resume it later on in single player.
  • A game can be quit by pressing q. Please be aware that there is currently no double check, if you really want to quit.
  • With scrolling, you can zoom in and out on the map.
  • Pressing F12 fast forwards the game time one minute (only in single player).
  • Repeatedly hitting +/- continuously increases / decreases the game time permanently.
  • The production of the tools and weapons smiths cannot be configured currently. Therefore the tools smith produces all the tools required by your settlers. Be aware that this can cause a lot of hammers and shovels to be produced if there is currently a high demand for builders ("Bauarbeiter") and flatteners ("Planierer"). In contrast, the weapons smith produces a fixed percentage of each type of weapons.

Image of the game with selected settlers.

  • You can select your settlers by either left clicking on them to select a single one, or holding the left mouse button to draw a rectangle to select settlers in the rectangle.
    • You can only command soldiers, geologists, pioneers and thieves (thieves are not working yet) to go somewhere by right clicking on the desired position.
    • When selecting one or multiple bearers (Träger), you can convert the settlers to geologists, pioneers and thieves in the left menu.
    • When selecting geologists, pioneers or thieves, you can convert them back to bearers.
    • Pressing the ENTF key will kill the selected settlers immediately. This can be helpful if they got stuck.

Constructing a building.

  • To construct a building, select the build menu on the left.
    • The submenus contain the buildings of the following categories:
      1. Material acquisition and workmanship
      2. Agriculture and food production
      3. Military buildings (e.g. towers, barrack)
      4. Houses to get new settlers
    • When selecting a building to construct, colored dots will visualize the time needed to flatten that area when building there. Whereas green indicates the requirement for little flattening work, red means a lot of work needs to be done. If there is no dot a position, this building can't be built there. This can be due to an obstacle or to much work for flattening.

Modifying a building.

  • You can select a building by left clicking on it.
    • The menu on the left gives you certain options for this building:
      1. With this button, you can change the priority of the construction site. It can either be of normal priority, high priority or the construction can be stopped. In contrast to the original game, setting the priority of the building is also possible, when it is finished. Therefore you can increase a certain building's priority for receiving goods with this button.
      2. This button allows you to change the work area of the selected building, which is displayed as colored circles when selecting a building. You can either click on the button and then left click on the map, where you want the center of the work area to be. Alternatively, you can simply right click on the map to directly position the work area.
      3. The third button is used to destroy a building. Alternatively, the ENTF key can be used. A part of the materials used to construct the building are regained, when destroying it.
    • The materials required for a building are not displayed at the moment. However, most of the buildings cost exactly the same as in the original game.


The following list shows some important shortcuts that can be used in the game.

Shortcut Effect
F2 Save the game (only single player can be loaded at the moment)
ALT + ENTER Switch between Full Screen and Window mode
q Leave the current game (WARNING: this directly quits the game without asking again!)
Delete-Key Destroys / kills the currently selected building or unit.
Right Mouse Button (Settlers) Sends the selected settlers to the clicked position (if they are soldiers, pioneers, geologists, thieves or priests)
Right Mouse Button (Building) Sets the work area

Map Editor


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