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Cassandra drivers tend to wait for the schema to settle across all nodes
whenever we execute DDL statements like CREATE/ALTER/DROP. On a single
node cluster we know that the schema settled by the time the query
finished executing. We can thus disable some of the waiting that happens
after every DDL statement, by telling the Datastax driver to not
"debounce" the events.

This reduces the total time for tests to run by about two thirds.

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WELCOME to CassandraUnit

Everything is in the wiki :

What is it?

Like other *Unit projects, CassandraUnit is a Java utility test tool. It helps you create your Java Application with Apache Cassandra Database backend. CassandraUnit is for Cassandra what DBUnit is for Relational Databases.

CassandraUnit helps you writing isolated JUnit tests in a Test Driven Development style.

Main features :

  • Start an embedded Cassandra.
  • Create structure (keyspace and Column Families) and load data from an XML, JSON or YAML DataSet.
  • Execute a CQL script.

Where to start :

You can start by reading the wiki :

and you can watch cassandra-unit-examples project.

Mailing List : (

License :

This project is licensed under LGPL V3.0 :


Utility tool to load Data into Cassandra to help you writing good isolated JUnit Test into your application




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