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Hibernate Object/Grid Mapper

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Hibernate OGM

Version: 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT


Hibernate OGM is an attempt to store data in a NoSQL data grid using the Hibernate ORM engine rather than rewriting a JPA engine from scratch.

The benefits are fairly obvious:

  • reimplementing the complex JPA specification is a lot of work
  • a new implementation would mature at a rather slow rate and risk of bugs would be high
  • Hibernate is familiar to many people


Checkout The code is available on GitHub at

To build the project, run

mvn clean install -s settings-example.xml


If you have MongoDB installed on localhost and the default port, use the mongodb profile as well

mvn clean install -s settings-example.xml -Pmongodb

If you have MongoDB installed in a non default host / port, you can set the environment variables and then run the test suite

export MONGODB_HOST=mongodb-machine
export MONGODB_PORT=1234
mvn clean install -s settings-example.xml -Pmongodb


Latest Documentation:

Bug Reports:

Hibernate JIRA (preferred):

Free Technical Support:


If you want to contribute, come to the mailing list or join us on #hibernate-dev on freenode (login required)

This software and its documentation are distributed under the terms of the FSF Lesser Gnu Public License (see license.txt).

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