Data from the census bureau's "easy stats" site--the first available on the 113th Congress.
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Data from the census bureau's "easy stats" site--the first available on the 113th Congress.

The data in this file comes from the census bureau's easy stats page on the redistricted 113th Congress. Because the site--on the date of it's launch--didn't have a bulk file this information was gathered by making API calls--see

The variables in this file are the ones that appear on the site--MOE means "margin of error". For readibility, the category has been prepended to the variable name.

Variables available

These are the variables available. Each variable also comes with a margin of error estimate.

    Total Population

    Total Population    

    Total Population    
    Under 5 years   
    5 to 9 years    
    10 to 14 years  
    15 to 19 years  
    20 to 24 years  
    25 to 34 years  
    35 to 44 years  
    45 to 54 years  
    55 to 59 years  
    60 to 64 years  
    65 years and over   

    Total Population    
    One Race    
    Black or African American   
    American Indian and Alaska Native   
    Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander
    Some Other Race 
    Two or More Races   

Hispanic or Latino Origin
    Total Population    
    Hispanic or Latino (of any race)    
    Not Hispanic or Latino  

Income (In 2011 Inflation-Adjusted Dollars)
    Median Household Income

Housing Occupancy
    Total Housing Units 
    Occupied Housing Units  
    Vacant Housing Units

Housing Tenure
    Occupied Housing Units  
    Owner-Occupied Housing Units    
    Renter-Occupied Housing Units   

Educational Attainment
    Population 25 Years and Over    
    Less than 9th Grade 
    9th to 12th Grade, No Diploma   
    High School Graduate (Includes Equivalency) 
    Some College, No Degree 
    Associate's Degree  
    Bachelor's Degree   
    Graduate or Professional Degree 
    Percent High School Graduate or Higher
    Percent Bachelor's Degree or Higher

Veteran Status
    Civilian Population 18 Years and Over   
    Civilian Veterans