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Speak at JSFest!


There are several events accepting speaking proposals: RejectJS, DHTMLConf, Evolution of Experience and Scaling up and Down. Feel free to submit talks that fit any of these events.

Talk Acceptance

All talks are still being considered. Talks will be accepted one at a time for the next few months. Because the events are structured as a narrative acceptance happens in the order we fill the narrative. Many talks that have yet to be officially accepted are 99% likely to be accepted, we just haven't gotten to that point in the programme yet.

You should still submit your talk! We are definitely still accepting them :)


Create an issue in this repository. You can suggest a talk you'd like to give or one that you would like to see with or without a suggested speaker.

The idea doesn't have to be fully fleshed out and we're here to help.

Format & Audience

Talks are 20 minutes. There is no time for Q&A after.

All events with speakers are presented as part of a narrative. Don't worry about fitting your talk in to specific narrative, that's the job of the curator, and we may add new narratives based on the proposals we get.

JSFest is about the present more than the future. Talks should be about new technology that you can already take for granted. JSFest is about sharing what early adopters and community leaders are using with a broader audience.

JSFest is designed to be accessible, it will be many attendees first conference. Talks should be targetted at new to intermediate skill levels.

What makes a good talk

Don't talk about a technology, tell the story of what you did with that technology.

Nobody ever left a conference talk with enough information in their head to write a program from what they learned. For obvious practical reasons people learn and continue to follow documentation while writing software. Don't try to teach people what is already in the documentation, tell them a story that makes them care enough to follow up with that technology.