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Important note on existing issues:

Known and minor issues will not be addressed and most likely will be closed - this repo is for issues for the current version of JSFiddle. Some reported bugs/improvements/features will never be implemented in this old version.

The future version of JSFiddle (currently being worked on), will have a completely different place to report issues.

Public Roadmap:

Our public roadmap is available here: https://trello.com/b/LakLkQBW/jsfiddle-roadmap

Common questions:

Question: I have a rouge fiddle in my listing that crashes the browser when loading, how can I fix this?

Answer: It's possible to add ?disable_render=true to the end of URL's where fiddles are listed - this will disable the results tab, allowing you to remove the rouge fiddle.

Known issues:

  • External Resources sometimes load out of order
  • Layour panels sometimes overlap of go out of screen (resetting layout instructions)
  • Fiddle meta doesn't get passed to the UI when using Github Post API
  • Setting universal CSS selector * {...} breaks result frame, use body * {...} instead