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= ActiveResourceIntegrationDSL (ARID)
== 0.5 -- 04/13/2008
* Several minor bug fixes and optimizations
== 0.4 -- 10/13/2007
<b>This version is NOT backwards compatible with tests for
prior versions.</b>
* <tt>:expected_response</tt> option is now just <tt>:expects</tt>
* <tt>creates_</tt> and <tt>updates_</tt> methods no longer go
through the <tt>new</tt> and <tt>edit</tt> actions.
* added <tt>builds_</tt> and <tt>edits_</tt> methods that <b>do</b>
continue on to <tt>creates_</tt> or <tt>updates_</tt> <b>if</b>
passed a :params hash.
* renamed <tt>reads_</tt> method to <tt>shows_</tt> and
aliased <tt>lists_</tt> to <tt>shows_</tt>.
* renamed <tt>deletes_</tt> to <tt>destroys_</tt>.
Bug Fixes
* significant updates to previously sparse documentation, now RDoc-able.
* added option to add HTTP headers to requests
* added support for textarea and select fields
* added support for nested resource paths
== 0.3 -- 06/27/07
Bug Fixes
* fix so that tests can access the index action of controllers.
* Updates to the readme
* smal typo fixes
== 0.2 -- 06/22/07
Bug Fixes
* end of session now logs user out with sessions/destroy
* add sess.exercises_<thing> method
* add support for AJAX requests
* add support to pass params to read and destroy actions.
* Change name from RestfulCrudIntegrationTester to ActiveResourceIntegrationDsl (ARID)
* add blog URL to LICENSE file
* README file updated
== 0.1 -- 6/16/07 (Initial Release)