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Ruby gem for using the NuEcho Grammar Server

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NuGram Hosted Server client APIs

This repository provides the Ruby client API to the NuGram Hosted Server in various languages. It is based on the Ruby library available at

NuGram Hosted Server ( is a free hosted service for the management of static and dynamic grammars, courtesy of Nu Echo Inc. It can be used to generate dynamic grammars, and interpret textual sentences.


gem install nugramserver-ruby


Say you want to create a dynamically-generated grammar for a simple voice-dialing application. The grammar template, hosted on, could look like the following:

voicedialing.abnf (ABNF template grammar)

#ABNF 1.0;

language en-US;
mode voice;
root $voicedialing;

public $voicedialog = 
  @for (entry : entries) 
    ( [@word entry.firstname] @word entry.lastname 
      @tag " = '" "'" @end )

$politeness = 
    (I would | I'd) like to (speak with| talk to) 
  | give me

And the code to instantiate the grammar would look like:

app.rb (Ruby)

require 'nugramserver-ruby'
server =
session = server.create_session("username", "password")
grammar = session.instantiate("voicedialing.abnf", 
                              {'entries' => 
                                [{'firstname' => "John", 'lastname' => 'Doe', 'id' => '1234'},
                                 {'firstname' => "Bill", 'lastname' => 'Smith', 'id' => '4321'}]})
puts "grammar url = ", grammar.get_url('grxml')
# ....
# When you are done with the grammar...

Supported languages

The supported languages are currently:

  • Ruby/JRuby

Contact Info

For any question or request, contact the NuGram team at The NuGram Platform website is

The Nu Echo team

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