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Source to compile
important files after compiling

Ubuntu Touch for the HP Touchpad
How to compile:

Make a build directory:

mkdir UTA (or whatever name you choose )
cd UTA (or the name you chose)
mkdir .repo/local_manifests

To initialize your local repository using the Ubuntu phablet manifest, use commands like these:

phablet-dev-bootstrap [target_directory that you chose]

curl -L -o .repo/local_manifests/roomservice.xml -O -L

Then to sync up:

phablet-dev-bootstrap [target_directory that you chose] -c
cd external/tinyalsa
git pull refs/changes/46/33646/1
cd ../..
cd system/extras/mkimage
gcc mkimage.c -o mkimage -lz
cd ../../..
mkdir -p out/host/linux-x86/bin
cp system/extras/mkimage/mkimage out/host/linux-x86/bin
gedit build/core/Makefile around line 1231, remove this $(INSTALLED_BOOTIMAGE_TARGET_ANDROID) \ (save the file, close)
gedit build/core/ add this to were the other device entires are: device/hp \
cd vendor/cm
cd ../..
brunch tenderloin

Saucy from 09-11.1-2013 with all updates including unity from 09-11-2015 minus lxc

RamDisk Information:
The Touchpad uses LVM partitions. I had to compile e2label and lvm for the ramdisk to detect our partitions. It is added to /init.

Kernel Information:
Took the kernel from Milaq and changed the config file. Added all the Ubuntu Touch stuff, especially CGROUPS and CONFIG_TMPFS_POSIX=y and CONFIG_FAIR_GROUP_SCHED=y CONFIG_RT_GROUP_SCHED=y..
Added the Mer Touchpad patches, including Accept4.

Data Partition
Add the files from Important Files After Compiling

  1. I created the fstab
  2. Told lxc-android-boot not to run update-fstab
  3. Created udev rules for lvm that match the ramdisk, changed 60-persistent-storage.rules as well for dm
  4. Created the 70-tenderloin.rules
  5. Created system, vendor, webos and sdcard mount points just in case for fstab mounting
  6. Created init.rc and init.tenderloin for LXC Overrides. Added the insmod ath6kl.ko for wifi, and told the Sensor Service to start on main. The last part may not be necessary?
  7. /etc/init/ubuntu-touch-session-setup.conf and lightdm.conf has sleep 30 to start the session a minute later.
  8. /etc/ubuntu-touch-session.d/tenderloin.conf
  9. Used audiod.conf and bcattach.conf from Ubuntu non touch projects.. from.. various people!
  10. Changed the camera-app.qml, ubuntu-terminal-app.qml, and ubuntu-terminal-app.desktop files.
  11. Added /usr/bin/aa-strip .desktop files of aa-exec settings for apparmor, and /etc/crontab to schedule it to run every 1 minute.

Sound Information:
Sound has an upstart called audiod.conf. You will notice it mounts webos and runs a program to initialize the sound. /usr/share/alsa/ucm should only have msm-audio the rest of the /usr/share/alsa/ucm file that I included is probably not important. for pulse has 1 line uncommened referring to alsa-sink. Patched pulse

Bluetooth Information:
Look at bcattach.conf in /etc/init for an upstart job. We bought over hcattach_awesome and bcattach.

Wifi Information:
ath6kl.ko needs to be insmodded. That is set in init.tenderloin.rc in overrides for the lxc containter.

Camera Information:
Had to edit the camera-app.qml file to correct the 90 degree camera sensor in landscape mode.

How to compile notes?
1.Create mkimage and put it in it's place
a)cd system/extras/mkimage
b. gcc mkimage.c -o mkimage -lz
c) cd ../../..
d) mkdir -p out/host/linux-x86/bin
e) cp system/extras/mkimage/mkimage out/host/linux-x86/bin
f) brunch tenderloin
***Look at project.list, roomservice.xml, manifest.xml,, Makefile?
Thanks to:
Ogra, castrwilliam, CalcProgrammer, Mystikal57, JCSullins, Dorregray, w-flo.. and others from the #ubuntu-touch irc channel and Ubuntu 11.04-13.10 threads, cyanogen roms, solutions. etc... "I stand on the shoulders of giants"

-Justin Shafer
aka OrokuSaki aka jshafer817

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