Fortran bindings for the nanomsg sockets library
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Fortran bindings for the [nanomsg] ( sockets library.

Requires Fortran 2003 and the iso_c_binding module.


1. Download the latest version of nanomsg and compile it for your system.
2. Include the compiled nanomsg library (nanomsg.lib) in your project.
3. Copy the nanomsg.dll to your binary directory.  Your program will need it to run.
4. Copy the nanomsg*.f90 bindings files to your source directory.


To use in a Fortran 2003 program, put this at the top of your program:

use iso_c_binding
use nanomsg

Because this uses iso_c_binding, the function calls are as similar to the C calls as possible. As such, you'll need to declare C type variables (exempli gratia: integer(c_int), type(c_ptr)). To use Fortran type variables with C pointers, you'll have to use the c_loc() function.


The nn_symbol(...) function isn't currently implemented. Having some trouble with getting it properly working on the Fortran side.