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udpnat: tool for probing UDP NAT timeouts
Written by jsharkey

When a client sends UDP packets from behind a NAT, the NAT creates a temporary
port mapping to allow the external server to send reply packets.  If no UDP
packets are seen after a given timeout, the port is reclaimed by the NAT, and
the server can no longer reach the client.

This timeout becomes important on mobile devices, where waking up the radio
has battery impact.  (If you send NAT keepalive packets too frequently, your
battery drains quickly; if too sparsely, the NAT mapping will timeout.)

NAT devices can have different timeouts, and you may not have access to their
configuration details.  This tool is designed to help you empirically derive
that timeout.  It operates in a "master" or "slave" mode.  The master is
responsible for sending a ping request and then sleeping.  The slave passively
replies to any incoming pings.

This tool can be useful for setting the natt_keepalive timer variable in
racoon.conf when running an IPsec VPN in NAT-Traversal (NAT-T) mode.