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A Better Git Log

The standard git log is pretty useless:

It tells me nothing about my current branch and/or how it differs from its upstream counterpart.

I personally use:

$ git log --all --decorate --graph --pretty=format:"%C(yellow)%h%Creset %C(auto)%d%Creset %Cblue%ar%Creset %Cred%an%Creset %n%w(72,1,2)%s"

It shows all of my current local and remote branches, commit times in "time-ago" formats, author names, and even displays all of this information in an attractive and readable graph.

You can either add the whole git log line as an alias in your ~/.bash_profile or as a git alias in your ~/.gitconfig.

Do you use something different? Let's see it!

Looking for the available options? Try running git help log in the terminal. Or you can check out the relevant pages from "Pro Git" -