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Rails JSON Virtual Attributes

I was working on a rails application that responded with the following JSON:

{% highlight js%} [ { "id":14, "title":"post title", "description":"my awesome description", "user_id":1, "created_at":"2014-10-29T02:50:01.707Z", "updated_at":"2014-10-29T02:51:38.481Z" } ] {% endhighlight %}

Even though I have access to the user_id attribute of this post, I wanted to be able to show the user name or email without having to make another HTTP request.

To add a new attribute to this JSON, I needed to add a few methods to extend ActiveRecord::Base's as_json method.

{% highlight ruby %} class Post < ActiveRecord::Base

belongs_to :user

def as_json(options={}) super.as_json(options).merge({user_email: get_user_email}) end

def get_user_email self.user && end

end {% endhighlight %}

The super.as_json(... adds whatever attributes you specify for each one of the records from your model.

Since these methods are in the Post class, we can access the current post with self.

If there is no user for a given post, would throw an undefined method for nil:NilClass, so I prepend that with self.user && to make sure the user exists first.

{% highlight js%} [ { "id":14, "title":"post title", "description":"my awesome description", "user_id":1, "created_at":"2014-10-29T02:50:01.707Z", "updated_at":"2014-10-29T02:51:38.481Z", "user_email":"" } ] {% endhighlight %}

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