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A slackbot that reminds you to do things
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Slackbot Reminders


Configure a new bot integration at https://<your-team-name>

Send a direct message to the bot:

Walk the dog; at 5pm

Everything before the ";" is the reminder. Everything after the semi-colon is when the reminder will be sent back. The complete list of available time descriptions can be found here -

The bot will reply with your reminder at the specified time via direct message.

Local Setup

Configure Environment Variables

Create a file named env.rb in the project root:

# env.rb

ENV['access_token'] = "Token you got from https://<your-team-name>"

Configure an absolute path to the db:

# db/connection.rb

require 'active_record'

ActiveRecord::Base.default_timezone = :local
  adapter: "sqlite3",
  database: "/absolute/path/to/db/reminders.db"

Start the Web Socket Server

ruby listen.rb

Keep this script running in the background with tmux or god

This listens for new direct messages to create the reminders.

Configure the Cron Job

*/5 * * * * ruby /path/to/reminders/cron.rb

This checks the time specified in the reminder and sends the reminder if the time has passed and the reminder has not yet been sent.

Note: environment variables are limited in a cron environment. If using RVM, follow to configure cron environment.

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