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PFC Models

This repository contains a collection of neural models for prefrontal cortical (PFC) cells and networks.

Download the repo on github or using git: git clone

All models are implemented in the DynaSim Matlab toolbox:

To get started with individual PFC cell models, see PFC_cells. To get started with PFC network models, see PFC_1layer and PFC_2layers.

The PFC network model is based on a simpler one with pyramidal cells and fast-spiking interneurons by Durstewitz et al. Matlab implementations of 2002 and 2007 versions of the original model and references can be found in the "Durstewitz" folder in DS02_PFC_deep and DG07_PFC_deep, respectively.

The model by Jason Sherfey consists of cells from the Durstewitz model as well as others. DynaSim implementations of each cell model, references, and supplemental info can be found in PFC_cells. get_PFC_cell is a function that can be used to retrieve DynaSim specifications of individual cell models. Similarly, PFC_1layer and get_PFC_1layer are script and function forms of a single-layer PFC network model with pyramidal cells, PV+ FS cells, and CB+ RSNP cells.

PFC_2layers is a script that constructs a two-layer PFC model representing minimal superficial and deep layers. PFC_competition defines two assemblies in a single-layer PFC network and probes how they compete when they are driven by inputs with varying rhythmicity and synchrony.

To install DynaSim using Git: git clone Add the dynasim toolbox to Matlab path and run model scripts from the directory containing them.


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