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Poll an audience in real time.
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Poll and quiz an audience in real time.

View the deployed version.

View the LivePolling API source code.


Create presentations with live polls and quizzes. The results of the polls and quizzes can be displayed as charts in real time, or they can be hidden from audiences.

Easily share links with an audience using a URL shortener and QR codes.

An audience can follow a presentation and respond to questions using any device.

Local Installation and Setup

Pre-requisites: You will need to have the following installed in order to compile the app from the source code:

Additionally you will need to clone the LivePolling Rails backend in another directory. Follow the installation instructions from the backend repo.

Client Side Installation:

  1. Clone the Github repository:

$ git clone

  1. Navigate to the LivePolling lib directory

$ cd LivePolling/lib

  1. Install the NPM dependencies

$ npm install

  1. You will need to add a Google API key. This key does not need to be kept secret in the source code. Follow these instructions for obtaining an API key.

  2. Create a credentials file to hold your Google API key:

$ touch app/creds/googleCreds.js

  1. Copy the following code block into the googleCreds.js file, replacing 'YOUR API KEY' with the API key copied from Google:
'use strict';
 module.exports = {api: 'YOUR API KEY'};
  1. From the lib directory, run Grunt. This will built the dist/built.js file and the css/main.css files. It was also launch your browser at http://localhost:8080:

$ grunt

That should be all for compiling the client-side code for LivePolling. Again you will have to compile the Rails code in a separate directory in order for the app to fully function.

Built With:

Angular JS

Action Cable JS

Bootstrap 4



Google APIs


Jeremy Sheridan Wells

Github: jsheridanwells

Twitter: @jsheridanwells

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