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Local Weather Viewer. See current, 3-day, and 5-day forecasts from any US zip code.
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Local Weather Viewer

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With this app, a user can view current, 3-day, and 5-day forecasts for weather in any US zip code.

The Local Weather Viewer uses the Open Weather Map API to retrieve weather data. The user interface is created with Bootstrap 4, Sass and using SVG icons from Meteocons triggered by API data. Jquery code is encapsulated using Browserify.

Technologies Used

Installation and Setup

Loading Dependencies:

  1. Clone the Local Weather API repository
git clone
  1. If you do not have Sass on your system, you will need to install it:
gem install sass
  1. Change to the /lib directory
cd lib
  1. Install all Node dependencies
npm install
  1. Run Grunt. This will compile all stylesheets and javascripts to the css/styles.css and dist/app.js files. The app will also open in your browser on localhost:3000

Note that Grunt will fail the first time. You will need to create an api key file (instructions below) for Grunt to run successfully.

Setting up the Open Weather Map API:

In order for the Local Weather Viewer to work locally you will need to create a separate javascript file to hold your API key.

  1. Follow the instructions at for registering and creating an api key.

  2. Once you have your API key, from the root directory, create the api javascript file:

touch js/api.js
  1. Copy the following contents into the api.js file, substituting your own API key on [your API here]:
'use strict';
let api = '[your API here]';

//returns api key and url to api handlers in the application
function getAPI() {
	return {
		apiKey: api,
		url: ''

module.exports = getAPI;


Jeremy Sheridan Wells

Github: jsheridanwells

Twitter: @jsheridanwells

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