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Updated with a deprecation notice.

All cool stuff is happening at jshint/jshint now.
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-Next iteration of JSHint, a static code analysis tool for JavaScript
+ATTENTION: This project is obsolete.
-This repo contains a completely unstable, work-in-progress version of JSHint.
-You can try it out online on [](
-For our stable tree visit [jshint/jshint](
-repo or [the official website](
-This is a list of libraries and frameworks the JSHint core team
-agreed to use:
- * Parser: [Esprima]( (we use -dev version).
- * Tasks: [Grunt](
- * Tests: Nodeunit( and
- [Coveraje](
-These documents will help you to understand architecture and design decisions
-behind JSHint Next:
- * [Design](
- * [Deprecated checks and options](
-Sending a patch
-If you'd like to send us a patch please make sure the following applies:
- * There is a corresponding issue. If there is no issue yet,
- [create one]( before sending a patch.
- * Your commit log links to that issue.
- * Your commit log is nicely written (use past commits as examples).
- * Your patch introduces just one commit that can be rebased into the current
- `master`.
- * Your coding style is similar to [ours](
- * You wrote appropriate unit tests for your code.
- * All tests and lint checks pass (`npm test` and `npm run-script lint`).
- * Make sure you know that we're super grateful for your patch.
-Please visit [our mailing list](
+This project is obsolete. It was merged into [the main repository](

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