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Added an FAQ section to the README.

As any other open source project we have a number of questions that
folks keep asking over and over. This FAQ will contain answers to
such questions starting with the "How can I turn off 'mixed tabs and
spaces' warning?".
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@@ -72,9 +72,9 @@ Configuration Options
**Note:** This behavior described below is very different from versions prior to `0.6`.
-The CLI uses the default options that come with JSHint.
+The CLI uses the default options that come with JSHint.
-Only one extra option is unique to node-jshint: `globals`
+Only one extra option is unique to node-jshint: `globals`
allows you to define an object of globals that get ignored for every file.
To see an example you can look at how whitelisted globals are defined
in the [jshint code](
@@ -107,6 +107,17 @@ If there is a .jshintignore file in your project's directory tree, (also provide
**Note:** Pattern matching uses minimatch, with the nocase [option]( When there is no match, it performs a left side match (when no forward slashes present and path is a directory).
+#### How do I turn off "mixed tabs and spaces" warning?
+If you're using so-called [smart tabs]( then
+we have an option `smarttabs` for you. Otherwise, your solution is to run JSHint with
+a custom reporter that discards any warnings you don't like. For example, this [example
+reporter]( discards all warnings about mixed tabs and
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