IE has an additional `typeof` value: `unknown` #1425

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mgol commented Dec 17, 2013

IE recognizes an additional typeof value: unknown, see:
Sometimes it might be desirable to check for this non-standard value. Besides, it's unlikely to make a typo in another value and get unknown, it's too different from the rest.

You might want to consider allowing such a value.


valueof commented Dec 18, 2013

What IE versions implement JScript version 8?


mgol commented Dec 18, 2013

There seems to be no version 8: so I guess they meant IE8.

wow... i never knew such a thing existed but now i've seen it for myself


valueof commented Dec 19, 2013

Alrighty then.


kangax commented Jan 24, 2014

Would be a welcome addition. I worked around this in Fabric by changing string into identifier :)

valueof closed this Jan 24, 2014

mgol referenced this issue in eslint/eslint May 21, 2014


valid-typeof: support 'unknown' #911

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