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Please document how to use a global config file #483

ripper234 opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Ron Gross Domenic Denicola Ben Hockey
Ron Gross

Sorry for the trivial question, but I'm trying to use jshint from the command line and can't understand how to correctly use a global config file. Please see the question on Stack Overflow for details on what I've tried.

Ron Gross

After far too much time spent on this, I found this link:

The config file is in JSON format, not javascript!

It's also worth documenting the keys have to be wrapped by quotes.

Domenic Denicola

This is documented in the README for node-jshint, which is the command-line version of JSHint you are presumably using. JSHint itself is just a JavaScript file, not a command-line tool.

Ben Hockey

It's also worth documenting the keys have to be wrapped by quotes.

this is true for anything that's JSON. it seems redundant to mention it.

also, maybe you could close this ticket since it actually relates to a different project and it's already documented there

Ron Gross

Thanks for not closing the issue it for me but rather asking me to close it.
Now that you explain it, it makes sense - of course this does not involve jshint itself.

Not sure why I haven't found the documentation in the first place.

Ron Gross ripper234 closed this
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