problem with determination charset end in regexp #863

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When Lexer encounters a unescaped '[', isCharSet is turned true. But I think there maybe some problem with determination when isCharSet should be turned false. The current code is:

if (isCharSet) {
    if (char === "]") {
        if (this.peek(index - 1) !== "\\" || this.peek(index - 2) === "\\") {
            isCharSet = false;

If regexp is /[ab]/ or /[ab\]/, the code is correct. However, when regexp is /[ab\]]/, the first ']' is escaped, so it doesn't close the charset, and the next ']' does.

I think the correct logic is: if the amount of repeated slashes right before ']' is even, including zero, isCharSet should be turned false.


lukeapage commented Jun 11, 2015

Do you have a reproducible test case for something going wrong? The code looks the same, but...

var a = /[\\\]\</.test("a");

I would expect the above to not error if you were right? I can increase the number of backslashes and an even number passes and an odd number errors.

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